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Conservation groups appeal Dyer Mountain decision

Feather Publishing

A coalition of Sierra conservationists filed an appeal last week to overturn approvals of the troubled Dyer Mountain development proposal, according to a press release from Mountain Meadows Conservancy.

“Today’s action is the next step in our long-term commitment to defend Dyer Mountain from the biggest development proposal in the Northern Sierra,” said Steve Robinson of Lassen County-based Mountain Meadows Conservancy.

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Buyer beware: Internet scams abound

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

You have been searching for weeks, looking to buy a dog for your family and you think you’ve found the perfect one.

She’s just a puppy and her owner gave you the pick of the litter — even sent you pictures so you could pick the one you really wanted.

Your new dog is actually living in another country at the moment, but that’s no problem. The owner is going to ship the adorable little pup to you for next to nothing.


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Drummers call taiko an affirmation of life

Feather Publishing
“Drumming is one way that people can find something so simple. It’s just the beat — a heartbeat and rhythm of nature.” —Russel Baba, Shasta Taiko Photo courtesy Plumas Arts

Plumas County is invited to experience the Japanese art of taiko when 
Plumas Arts presents Shasta Taiko at two public performances: Wednesday, April 20, at the Town Hall Theatre at 7 p.m. and Friday, April 22, at 7:15 p.m. at The Feather Community Art Center in Portola.

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