School spirit spreads throughout Chester

  In small towns like Chester, it is easy to feel the rush of excitement emanating off students as they scurry about during spirit week.

  Between the Chester High School parade through Main Street, dress up days, powderpuff volleyball and football games, pep rally in the Chester Park, and homecoming game and crowning, school spirit was demonstrated all over town, encouraging community members to join in the hullabaloo.

  During the week of Oct. 8-Oct 12, students from CHS came to school dressed up in different themes, one for each day of the week.

  On Monday Oct. 8, students and teachers came to school wearing nothing but their pajamas, recognizing “pajama day”.

  Walking into the school on Tuesday was like walking into a time machine and landing in the 60’s. Participating students were dressed in phycodelic tie-die patterned clothes in honor of “tie-die day”

  During Wednesday’s “gender bender day,” boys were dressed in cheerleader outfits and flashy spaghetti straps while girls were wearing baggy sweaters, jeans hanging off their wastes, and baseball caps.

  On Thursday the school corridors were filled with “tacky tourists,” complete with fanny packs and binoculars, in honor of the tourist trap Lake Almanor Basin students call home.

  Friday, Oct. 12 was a little more relaxed and students came dressed in greens and whites in preparation for the homecoming football game later in the evening.

Secret Angels

  Throughout the week, cheerleaders and senior girls, anonymously had delivered gifts of baked goods, drinks, coffees, and gift certificates to the junior and varsity football teams in recognition of all there hard work and dedication to the team.

  The Secret Angels spoiled their sponsored football player all day, every day and then revealed during the homecoming rally on Friday, where they were each given a special gift from their football player.

  According to CHS cheer coach and science teacher Caitlin Dalby, when the secret angels were revealed, “there were lots of oos, aahhss, and hugs while they showed appreciation for each other.”

  “Secret Angels is a tradition that has been done at CHS since I can remember (at least dating back to 2003),” said Dalby.     

  This year, a “secret angel day” was observed to recognize the efforts of the senior volleyball and girls soccer players since they had a game during homecoming week.

Powderpuff games

  In continuation of the decades long tradition, spirit week activities were kicked off with the annual powderpuff volleyball and football games Monday, Oct. 8.

  The volleyball game was junior boys vs. senior boys, and after two intense matches, the seniors proved victorious.

  The girl’s football game also had juniors vs. seniors, and like the boys match, the seniors pulled ahead after two twenty-minute games. The game ended with a score of 12-0.


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