Trojan football season comes to an end

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James Wilson
Sports Reporter

  The Trojans finished their season last Friday, Nov. 9, with a playoff loss at Fall River. Snow penetrated the field for the majority of the game, making conditions less than ideal.

  The Fall River Bulldogs beat the Trojans 44-14 to advance in the playoffs. Fall River will travel to Chester on Friday, Nov. 16 to take on the No. 1 seed.

  The Trojans had problems with Fall River’s Jesse Lee through the first quarter. Lee caught two passes for two Bulldog touchdowns.

  Quincy also had difficulty handling the ball in the snow. As the Trojans neared Fall River’s end zone, the ball slipped out of quarterback Matt Beeson’s hands. Fall River recovered for possession. Later in the quarter Tyler Lacey fumbled as well to give Fall River the ball once again.

  At the end of the first quarter Fall River completed its drive for a touchdown to lead the Trojans 22-0.

  The Trojans never stopped fighting, however, and scored their first points in the second quarter. Beeson snuck the ball past the Bulldogs’ line into their end zone for Quincy’s only touchdown of the first half.

  Beeson passed to Jerry Oglesby for the two-point conversion.

  The second half repeated the first with three more touchdowns for Fall River and one for Quincy.

  Quincy was driving the ball up the field and slowly making progress. Cody McDonald tossed the ball up and it was intercepted by Fall River’s Sterling Humphry. Humphry ran the interception back for a touchdown.

  After a failed set of downs, Quincy punted to Fall River. The Bulldogs successfully made their way into the Trojans’ end zone for another touchdown.

  Quincy retaliated when Lacey rushed for its second and final touchdown of the game. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful.

  Fall River made one more touchdown to end the game.

  “We got into the playoffs,” said Quincy’s coach, Jeff Ray. “That was our whole focus and objective and we accomplished that.”

  Quincy had a rough start this season as the team lost its first five games. The Trojans improved substantially, however, to make it to the playoffs.

  “Our football IQ went up a lot,” Ray said. “We played with a very young team this year. Our starters were mostly juniors and our quarterback was a sophomore. As the year went on we got better and better and finally started to win some games.”

  Though young, Quincy’s team had an arsenal of weapons at its disposal. Senior running back McDonald played well the entire season, as did Keston Pilgrim and Lacey. Ray mentioned Shawn Hughes and Jack Flanigan as the players who rounded off the defense. Kyle Froggatt led the offensive line.

  Beeson, though only a sophomore, excelled as quarterback.

  “He’s going to be fantastic,” said Ray, talking about the next two years.

  The coaching staff thanks the community for its continued support of the team and the program.

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