Profiles in Business; Three generations take historic market back in time.

  Young’s Market has been a family-run business in Taylorsville for more than 150 years, and new owner Kelly Tan and her family want to return it to its heyday in some ways.

  On the way out will be one shelving unit, and in its place will be a huge farm-style table where patrons can sit by the new glass-fronted woodstove and enjoy food and drinks together.

  She’d also like to bring back bulk bins and large quantities, so a customer can buy either one cup of flour or a 25-pound bag.

  Basic groceries are still available, along with several new additions, such as a full-service deli, micro brews, fine wines and cheeses and artisan breads from the American Valley Bakery.

  They now stock lines of organic and natural products, due to the local need for special dietary products, and they will cater events, such as a recent local wedding for which they provided snack trays.

  Tan is most recently from Fresno, where she worked for Whole Foods Market for 12 years.

  She ran the bakery and specialty departments, and provided in-store education in policies, safety and other topics as a knowledge coach.

  She’s also owned her own restaurant, like her parents Jack and Karen Wood did as well.

  The Woods moved to Taylorsville in May after living in Quincy for 40 years.

  Karen brings her wealth of experience from her two businesses: Karen’s Bloomers-n-Things, where she served up desserts, sandwiches and floral items, and Karen’s Antiques and Collectibles.

  She was also a preschool director for 37 years.

  Jack is a retired building contractor from Quincy who is now a permanent fixture in the old building, where he works a 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. shift on his day off.

  “And I’m having a blast,” he laughs over his shoulder while he arranges loaves on the shelf.

  Tan’s sister, Tiffiney Lozano, grew up in Quincy and is attending Feather River College.

  She’s worked at Feather Publishing and Quincy Natural Foods and has gained experience in event coordination and marketing.

  “We all love to eat, drink and have a good time together,” she said. “So, we’ll stock lots of fun stuff for parties and such.”

  Lozano lives in Quincy with her husband Diego and children Jaxon, 3, and Serafina, 1-1/2.

  Tan’s daughter Lee attended Fresno City College and worked at a summer camp.

  She put off a fall trip to Europe in order to move to Plumas County and help her mom.

  She plans to attend the Early Childhood Development Program at Feather River College, with her sights set on a career helping children, possibly as a child psychiatrist.

  “I’m super excited about it,” she says of her future here.


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