FRC women's basketball topples Yuba

The Feather River College women’s basketball team players are all smiles as they begin to discover how their team works best.  With a 5-3 record so far this season, the Eagles are looking tougher than they have in several years. Photo by Toni Williams
James Wilson

  Feather River College’s women’s basketball team faced off against three powerhouse teams last week. The Eagles traveled to Yuba on Nov. 27 for a close 67-61 victory. The team then traveled to Ukiah on Nov. 30 to beat Mendocino College 57-54. The following day the Eagles faced Gavilan and won once again, 57-33.

  “Our game against Yuba was an exciting and eventful game,” said FRC’s coach, Haley White. “Yuba came knocking out three-pointers like crazy. At the beginning we just couldn’t close that gap.”

  Yuba started strong to give FRC a run for its money. At the half Yuba was ahead 37-32.

  Asia Pooler stepped up and performed remarkably. Pooler made six two-pointers and one free throw to contribute 13 more points to FRC’s score.

  “Pooler closed the gap to five points at the half,” said White. “We were way behind before that. She was very instrumental to closing that gap before the half.”

  The Eagles came out of the half with their game faces on and scored 35 more points and only allowed Yuba to score 24 more.

  “We were pretty much behind the entire game,” said White. “The last minute was the first time we really got ahead, and that is what won it for us.”

  Amy Yeager led the team in three-pointers, sinking three — two in the last minute. Yeager’s three-pointers gave FRC the lead and won the game for the Eagles.

  Rachelle Dennis contributed one three-pointer along with her five two-pointers and one free throw.

  FRC’s Jasmine Plummer scored a total of 13 points for the Eagles; eight points made with two-pointers and five with free throws. Plummer also led the Eagles’ defense and nabbed 11 steals and five rebounds. Plummer made seven assists as well.

  Plummer’s steals allowed the Eagles to turn the game around. Yuba had the ball for most of the first half, but Plummer made sure the Eagles kept control during the second half.

  FRC’s game against Mendocino was yet another close one, with the Eagles winning by only three points.

  “We went back and forth the whole time,” said White. “We would lead, then they would lead. It was a really hard-fought game.”

  The Eagles were behind by two with only a minute left in the game when Plummer shot a three-pointer. The Eagles focused on their defense and stole the ball twice from Mendocino in the last minute. The last two points for FRC were free-throw shots by Plummer.

  Alexis Johnson scored the most for the Eagles, shooting a total of 19 points. Johnson also dominated the defense, taking nine rebounds and four steals.

  Allison Newquist contributed nine more points for the Eagles as well as four rebounds and four steals.

  Plummer continued to be an asset for FRC, scoring eight points for the Eagles. Plummer also swiped the ball for six steals and assisted six times.

  “The girls did a good job of staying with the game plan and staying focused,” said White. “We missed several shots we should have made, but that didn’t deter the team from playing hard.”

  With two wins behind them, it was apparent the Eagles hit their stride. FRC blew away its competition during the game against Gavilan.

  Johnson and Pooler led the Eagles, each scoring 14 points in the game. Johnson made nine rebounds. Plummer contributed 10 points and swiped a season high 13 steals.

  “We dominated from the tip-off,” said White. “It was a good chance for us to work on our defense and play with the rotation. We played all 10 girls. There was only one gal that didn’t score.”

  The lady Eagles are currently 5-3: a strong start before conference play. The team travels to Santa Rosa on Dec. 6 to take on Delta College.

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