Upcoming Plumas County "winter road closures"

Feather Publishing

Due to current conditions, including a forecast calling for several days of snow at the upper elevations throughout Plumas County, Public Works is beginning County “winter road closures” in some areas on 12-17-2012 and will phase in other areas as weather dictates. Specifically,

Plumas County Public Works will not be plowing Gold Lake Road beyond the staging area. Sierra County is not plowing their side either.

Plumas County will not be plowing the Bucks-Oro portion of Bucks Lake Road beyond Grubbs Cow Camp to the West. Butte County is not plowing their side either.

If the storms move in as forecasted later this week, Public Works will not continue to plow Bucks Lake Road from the Summit towards the lake and will not plow Big Creek Road from the parking lot towards the lake.

The Quincy-La Porte Road is currently passable, but is not being plowed beyond Willow Creek (Partlows residence) and will likely close due to weather later this week.

As these changes take place, Public Works will update its WINTER ROAD CLOSURES web page.

Winter Road Closure web page

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