Remember When for the week of 1/23/2013

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO..........1938

    Harry Philpot got his hat back Friday morning — at the Plumas County jail in Quincy where he is being held. He admitted to losing his hat when a dog chased him from Schieser’s chicken house Thursday night. He was sentenced to serve 60 days in jail for stealing chickens.

    The fee that the State of California charges its citizens for the privilege of driving an automobile will double after tomorrow. Fees are based on the value of the automobile and a $3.00 registration fee.

50 YEARS AGO..........1963

    Enrollment of Plumas County schools are increasing. High School totals have increased by 6,375 students from 129,328 to 135,703. Elementary school enrollment is up 2,963 from 162,960 to 165,923.


25 YEARS AGO..........1988

    The state has approved funding to remodel the old Greenville Elementary School. To qualify for state funds, a school must be 30 years old, which it is and school enrollment is up there as well.


10 YEARS AGO..........2003

    Proponents to recall District 2 Plumas County Supervisor Robert Meacher turned in more than 800 signatures to the Plumas County Clerks office, more than the 596 required to call for a recall election.


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