Kathy Felker appointed to EQSD board

The full East Quincy Services District board of directors stands in the district office located at 179 Rogers Ave. on Feb. 13. From left: Mike Green, newly appointed director Kathy Felker, chairman Ernie Eaton, Howard Hughes and vice chairman Greg Margason. Photo by Laura Beaton
Laura Beaton

  The East Quincy Services District appointed a new board member last week.

  Constituent Kathy Felker was one of two applicants and was chosen by a 3-1 vote to serve out Bill Peay’s term after he resigned due to health issues in December 2012.

  Felker said, “I would like to thank the East Quincy Services District board of directors for appointing me to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Bill Peay.

  “Mr. Peay served the board for many years and I appreciate his dedication to the district and its customers,” Felker said. “I have resided within the East Quincy Services District for almost 25 years and will strive to give my fellow constituents representation that serves equally the best interests of the district as well as (its) customers.”

  Directors Ernie Eaton, Greg Margason and Mike Green voted in favor adding Felker to the board. Director Howard Hughes voted “no.”

  The other applicant for the vacant board seat was former EQSD board member Steve Grant.

  Felker will be sworn in before the next board meeting, scheduled for March 12.


Other business

  General Manager David Edwards reported a loss of approximately 2 million gallons of water when an air valve blew out and went undetected for an estimated 20 days.

  The board directed Edwards to investigate training options other than the California Rural Water Conference, which would cost approximately $1,000 per person.

  Edwards needs training and could said he could get it all done at the two-day conference in Reno, Nev., this spring.

  A long discussion on the FCC-mandated narrow bandwidth regulatory change took place.

  When Edwards determined that the previously approved $40,000 expenditure to upgrade the existing radios did not include necessary software, licensing and computer updates that could cost an additional $40,000 – $60,000, he investigated other options.

  One alternative company, XiO Inc., claims to be able to provide “a reliable, energy-saving cloud-based monitoring and alarming system for a fraction of the cost of a traditional PLC/PC-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.”

  The board directed Edwards to send a request for proposal to several entities to align the district’s radio and telemetry system to the new FCC standards.

  EQSD’s online payment system now has 27 registered users. It is believed that the system will save the district mailing costs and is a convenience to customers.

  For more information go to the district’s website at

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