Donkey Basketball raises money for schools

  Donkeys took to the court all over Plumas County last week as all four high schools in the county hosted Donkey Basketball fundraisers. Masses showed up to watch community members try to control the ball on top of their stubborn modes of transportation.

  Greenville held its fundraiser first, Feb. 25. Quincy’s game took place March 4, Chester’s the following day and Portola’s the day after that. All schools held the event in their corresponding gym.

  Each school cut a deal with Donkey Sports Inc., out of Entiat, Wash., to provide the donkeys and keep control of the game.

  The referee provided by Donkey Sports ensured a fast-paced and amusing game. The referee also doubled as a safety agent, ensuring the players remained safe and the donkeys were treated humanely. All players were required to wear helmets and the donkeys sported rubber shoes to avoid marking up the gym floors.

  Though the game play looked like a version of basketball, the rules were changed slightly to allow for the donkeys. Players could dismount to try to grab a loose ball, but could only take a shot when mounted. When off the donkeys, players were required to at least have one hand on the donkey at all times.

  The donkeys would often buck the players off, generating lots of laughs from the spectators. The players struggled controlling the stubborn animals the entire game.

  In Quincy, six teams competed for the title of donkey basketball champions. The sheriff’s office took on the hospital in the first round. Quincy High’s staff took down the Quincy Rotary Club in the second round. The Quincy Volunteer Fire Department dominated its game against the Plumas Unified School District. The firefighters made it to the finals where they beat the QHS staffers.

  In Portola, the senior class was split into two teams: boys and girls. Portola’s staff and Portola’s coaches made up two more teams. The coaches ended up taking the championship.

  In Greenville, students, staff and parents were split up into six teams. The junior high girls played the junior high boys. Freshmen and sophomores made up another team and took on the juniors and seniors. Lastly, the Greenville High staffers played the parents. At the end of four quarters, the adults won 20-19.

  Chester High kept it simple: staff against students. The staff took down Chester’s students 27-13.

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