Board hears words of support for QHS principal

QHS Principal Sue Segura and her attorney, Jeff Cunan, sit amidst a sea of  supporters at the special board meeting called by Plumas Unified School District March 21 at Pioneer-Quincy Elementary School.
Laura Beaton

  After hearing two hours of public comments from 33 speakers, the school board took no action regarding Quincy High School Principal Sue Segura.

  More than 300 people attended a Thursday night special school board meeting at Pioneer-Quincy Elementary School. The board called the meeting in response to public outcry over its decision to not renew Segura’s contract for next year.

  Thirty people — including many students — spoke respectfully and passionately in support of Dr. Segura and asked the board to reconsider its decision.

  Segura’s supporters said they wanted the board to reinstate their beloved principal. They said she has turned the school around, inspired students and teachers to strive for and achieve more and put student success above all else.

  Three people spoke in support of the board’s action. They said the public didn’t know the whole story, because of confidentiality issues. They contended that Segura had stepped over the line, misused her authority and ignored school policy and procedure, endangering students and staff.

  After listening to the public input, the board retired into closed session. Because it was only a discussion item, there was no action taken.

  Feather Publishing will update this story if more information becomes available.

  A complete story will be featured in the March 27 edition.

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