FRC Child Development Center children kick off spring

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The Feather River College Child Development Center children and teachers are knee deep in soil, planting and growing flowers and vegetables. The CDC and the FRC greenhouse staff have a wonderful cooperative relationship. The children are able to start their plants in the greenhouse, care for them and watch them grow.

  The weekly field trips to the greenhouse are one of the children’s favorite events. These young plants will eventually become Mother’s Day presents. The remaining plants will be planted in the FRC CDC garden. Teachers and children will then harvest the vegetables and eat them with their meals. The children use a lot of creative thinking skills and are learning on many levels.

  In addition, the preschool received a grant from Bread for the Journey to purchase planting supplies. Without the organization’s support, the project would not have been as successful.

  At the FRC Child Development Center, teachers offer many opportunities for children to develop scientific thinking skills by playing a game called “Observe, Predict and Check.” Before their first trip to the FRC greenhouse, children made predictions about what a “greenhouse” might be.

  Greenhouse predictions

  “It’s an apple house.”

  “There are animals in it.”

  “It’s green and it has stuffed animals in it.”

  “It has a number on it with a couch and TV inside.”

  “It’s big.”

  “It is blue.”

  After the visit, teachers and students got back together to check in about the predictions. As you can imagine, the responses were quite different:

  “A greenhouse looks like glass.”

  “It’s white and stuff and has plants.”

  “I think one plant is starting to grow!”

  “I saw little growing plants.”

  The FRC Child Development Center is accepting applications for its waiting list. Teachers expect to have several openings for the fall semester. The preschool serves community families and college students. Call Shelley Morrison at 283-0521 for more information.

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