City of Portola writes to Bank of America

  The small-town tenacity commonly found in the city of Portola is raining down upon the Bank of America as locals continue to advocate for their closing bank branch.

  At the City Council meeting Wednesday, March 27, the council adopted a resolution to send letters to the corporate offices at Bank of America to oppose the closure of the Portola branch.

  The resolution stated that the city recognizes the relationship Bank of America has with the businesses and citizens in the area as an integral part of the economic health of the community.

  The resolution also states that the abandonment of the building will be a detriment to the citizens, businesses and efforts to revitalize Portola. Also, customers will not stand for the inconveniences of traveling 50 miles round trip for their daily banking needs.

  In the letter written to the licensing manager of Bank of America in Washington, D.C., Mayor John Larrieu stated that he strongly opposes the closure on behalf of the city of Portola.

  “At a time when the economy is just beginning to rebound, the loss of a national bank branch is sure to delay the effects of economic recovery in Eastern Plumas County and the City of Portola,” he wrote. “On behalf of the City of Portola, I strongly recommend you reconsider the closure of the Feather River Branch, Bank of America.”

  Members of the council discussed that it would be unlikely the bank halts the closure, but it would be important to at least express their disapproval on the issue.

  “We should not go down without a fight,” said Councilmember Michelle Gault.

  According to a spokesperson for Bank of America, there is not enough business for the bank to remain open in the area. However, there has been an extensive display of disapproval by the public on the closure. So far the bank branch will still be closing permanently June 28 at 2 p.m.

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