School district and Plumas Charter will continue Greenville collaboration

  A draft memorandum of understanding between Plumas Unified School District and Plumas Charter School for 2013-14 was presented to the school board at the May 2 board meeting in Chester.

  Gwen Meinhardt, transition coordinator of the partnership, gave a third quarter progress report on the collaboration between Greenville High and Indian Valley Academy/Plumas Charter School.

  Meinhardt presented survey results from teachers and students at both schools. The results were predominantly positive toward the collaboration.

  One of the biggest advantages reported by teachers was a mending of fences amongst community members.

  Other benefits were more course options for students, increased student participation at school and enhanced academic opportunities.

  Two large events were held at GHS this year involving both schools: the Plumas County Science Fair, which featured 132 student projects, and the California Northern Section Music Festival. Both events included partnerships with local and out-of-town stakeholders.

  Disadvantages reported by teachers were separate grading systems, inconsistent behavior policies and a lack of joint meetings for problem solving.

  Teachers viewed Indian Valley’s greatest needs as remediation, counseling and a cultural shift toward valuing education.

  Both surveys showed overwhelming support for the continuation of the partnership.

  Separate graduation ceremonies will be held this year — Greenville is scheduled to hold its ceremony June 14 at 7 p.m., while the charter school has its countywide ceremony planned for June 7, 6 p.m. at the fairgrounds’ Tulsa Scott Pavilion in Quincy.

Money matters

  A resolution to amend the minimum fund balance was passed by the board. The amendment reduces the minimum fund balance from the $12 million previously authorized.

  The resolution states, “The minimum unassigned fund balance shall not be less than 17.5 percent of total expenditures and other financing sources/uses as a Reserve for Economic Uncertainties, in addition to the 3 percent state requirement. In no event shall the minimum unassigned fund balance be less than $3 million. …”

  Superintendent Micheline Miglis asked the board to authorize an increase in the district’s credit card limit, which is currently $1,000.

  Miglis said the limit is not enough to accommodate expenses such as conferences involving travel and several attendees.

  The board gave its approval to pursue an increase in the limit.

Modified summer work schedule

  As has been done in the past, the board approved a request for a proposed flexible summer work schedule at the district office for the weeks of June 24 – Aug. 12.

  The schedule allows for four-day workweeks with district doors closed to the public on Fridays. However, office staff will be available via phone and email five days a week.

Feather Publishing records request

  A request made by Feather Publishing on March 19 for all documentation pertaining to complaints and/or investigations of employee misconduct regarding Quincy High School principal Dr. Sue Segura has still not been satisfied.

  On April 25, the superintendent said the documents were not ready due to the time needed to redact information.

  On May 3, Assistant Superintendent Bruce Williams said that the district is working on it. He said it is a long and tedious process and could give no estimate of when Feather Publishing would receive the documents.

  As of May 3, Segura said she had not reached an understanding with the district. Williams said that the district is following the board’s directive to pursue an offer of conditional employment to Segura.

Closed session

  The board reported that no action was taken in closed session.

  Agenda items included the following personnel matters: public employee(s) discipline/dismissal/release/reassignment; public employee evaluation(s): principal(s), administrator(s), management; conference with legal counsel pursuant to existing litigation: Case No. 2:11-CV-00098-JAM-JFM (Eaglesmith); and labor negotiations.

  The next regular board meeting is scheduled for June 27. A special meeting is scheduled June 11, which will include Plumas County Office of Education graduation and employee retirement ceremonies preceding the board meeting.

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