Buses will take Plumas residents to rally in Sacramento

  For Eastern Plumas Health Care it’s time to start the bus, and for community members and EPHC advocates it’s time to get on. On June 4, Plumas County residents are invited to attend the We Care for California Day in Sacramento to support Senate Bill 640 and Assembly Bill 900.

  If passed, SB 640 and AB 900 will do two things. First, they will halt the 10 percent cut on MediCal reimbursements that was passed through AB 97 in 2011. Second, they will prevent the state from demanding retroactive paybacks of MediCal reimbursements dating back to June 1, 2011.

  We Care for California is a coalition made up of the state’s largest organizations directly involved in the delivery or funding of health care in the state. The coalition is organizing the largest Sacramento gathering of health care affiliates in California history and Plumas County citizens are on the VIP list.

  According to Linda Satchwell, the public relations coordinator for EPHC, the coalition will be sending a bus, at no charge, to Plumas County to pick up any community members who want to participate in the rally.

  According to Satchwell, Gov. Jerry Brown will still be implementing the MediCal cuts that will devastate EPHC’s skilled nursing facilities, and even close other hospitals like it in the state.

  The rally will take place in front of the Capitol building from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and We Care for California is anticipating a gathering of more than 10,000 people.

  The rally’s ultimate purpose is to send a universal message from health care representatives, including members of the public subject to these cuts. The message is of support for the two bills climbing their way through the Senate.

  Satchwell said even though the governor will still be enacting the cuts, a gathering of 10,000 people is something he cannot ignore. She also said more legislators are getting behind the bills after seeing the response from the people of California.

  “For people who care this is the time that they can really show it,” said Satchwell. “The community has been amazing in their support and understanding. I’m really hoping that community members will sign up.”

  The free bus will come to Plumas County if more than 50 people sign up at the event’s registration site at Satchwell said that free transportation will still be available if fewer than 50 people sign up.

  The bus or van will depart from EPHC, 500 First Ave., in Portola.

  “This little hospital has played a huge role in this state advocacy effort. I really believe it will make a difference. I really believe everything this community has done to help will make a difference in the end,” said Satchwell.

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