Digging, drilling and detours bedevil Quincy

  Orange cones and detour signs are familiar sights to Quincy residents and they will remain so for a few more months.

  The Quincy Community Services District is in the midst of a major sewer upgrade, installing a new mainline with new lateral connections through much of downtown.

  And last week Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative began installing its new fiber optic line, which will also require some trenching.

  Chandler Road residents aren’t immune. The electric cooperative began removing hazard trees from along the roadway last week, and this week a large crane is being brought in from Reno to remove the largest of the trees.

  And not to be left out, Caltrans plans to repave Main Street this summer.

  Larry Sullivan, general manager for the services district, said that the main trenching for the sewer improvements should be completed by mid-July and then the contractor will focus on installing the lateral connections, with the goal of being finished by mid-August. Then some repaving will be necessary.

  “The mainline work should be substantially complete by July 11,” Sullivan said, and explained that the lateral work should go more quickly.

  Mark Crews, who works for the county road department and is a liaison for the project, said he anticipates the work to last through the summer, but the effect will be felt in small pockets around town.

  Plumas-Sierra Electric’s fiber optics project will extend from East Quincy through town to Plumas District Hospital, including various side streets, and down Highway 70 to Gansner Airport, the courthouse annex and Feather River College.

  The project will be completed with a mixture of underground work and aboveground installation using existing conduit.

  Bob Marshall, the general manager of the electric cooperative, said that the high-speed Internet capability should be available at the college and hospital in “very early July.” The courthouse and county library are top priorities as well, with various businesses hoping to be among the first installations.

  The Caltrans paving project is scheduled to begin after the July 4 holiday and extend from the bridge near Gansner Airport to the power substation in East Quincy.

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