Charter students learn about California history

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“Eureka, I found it, and it was worth the wait. Eureka, I found it, it is the Golden State!” Plumas Charter School students present a performance celebrating California history after a day of pioneer-related activities. Photos courtesy Plumas Charter School

  On Thursday, May 23, 60 Plumas Charter School students in grades kindergarten through seventh participated in the school’s annual Living History Day. The theme of the day was California history and a focus on what life was like for the prospectors and early settlers of California.

  The day began with the upper elementary students “crossing the plains,” walking from Gansner Park to Plumas Charter School and meeting several lively historical figures along the way. These figures included an unlucky prospector who was down on his luck; Levi Strauss, who described his success as a maker of work pants; and pioneer women who described their experiences crossing the plains and working in mining settlements.

  Upon their arrival on campus, the upper elementary students joined the larger group to participate in themed activities including gold panning, making tin can lanterns, sewing purses by hand, cattle roping and trail food sampling.

  Historical monologues were then performed by the upper elementary students who chose figures from American and California history such as John Sutter, Martha Washington, Theodore Judas and Jedidiah Smith.

  Evening activities included a performance by all Plumas Charter School Quincy students in grades kindergarten through seven. The performance was a compilation of songs and dialogue about California history. Students entertained the teachers and parents with songs such as “Eureka I Found It!” and “Gold Fever.”

  All in all the day was successful and enjoyed by all participants, say organizers. Plumas Charter School sends out a special thank you to all parent volunteers and to the Feather River College rodeo program for sending Lonnie Tuyree and Justin Debraga to demonstrate and teach cattle roping.

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