35 graduate from Quincy High School Class of 2013


Members of the Class of 2013 toss their caps into the air after being pronounced graduates of Quincy High School on June 14 at Feather River College. Photos by Laura Beaton

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

The weather couldn’t have been better on the evening of June 14 when 35 talented Quincy High School seniors achieved one of the most important milestones of their lives — a high school diploma.

With a 45-piece band under the direction of departing music teacher Tanner Johns playing “Pomp and Circumstance,” the Class of 2013 proceeded onto the Feather River College stadium field watched by hundreds of family members and friends.

Principal Sue Segura welcomed the crowd and graduates and introduced the mistress of ceremonies, class president Shelby Kingston.

Boy Scout Troop No. 130 presented the flag while senior members of the high school choir sang the national anthem.

Salutatorian Kyle Morgan then took the stage. Morgan gave a light-hearted address that grew serious at moments, such as when he spoke of the battle students had fought and won to keep their beloved principal at Quincy High.

Morgan is headed to Pepperdine University, where he received a $28,000 a year scholarship. He plans to study philosophy. 

A student performance took place next. Valedictorian Natalie Kepple joined forces with classmate Jonathan Finch and friends to perform “No Such Thing.”

Kepple then took the stage to give the valedictorian address. She first spoke of the great appreciation she has for the beautiful mountain community of Quincy and her family.

Kepple likened students’ four years at high school to a four-year-long rehearsal. She compared the 36 different instruments that comprise an orchestra to the great variety amongst her classmates.

She said each student, like each instrument, added his or her own unique voice to the class, as in a harmonious symphony.

Kepple said she and her classmates were now ready for their first big concert and she urged each to go forth confidently.

“To the Class of 2013,” Kepple said, “no more rehearsals. Let the music begin!”

The Trojan of the Year award was presented to Class of ’54 alumnus Clarence Thomas Hasty for his dedication and outstanding volunteerism.

Retiring Quincy Elementary School secretary Estelle Beer was chosen by the Class of 2013 to give the commencement address.

Beer said when the students asked her to speak, she immediately felt two things: The first was that it was such an honor, and the second was wondering what words of wisdom she would impart to the students.

Beer said she remembered many of the students from elementary school and that whenever one of them had a sore throat, they would go to her for a lemon drop.

She continued by saying that students came to her even when they didn’t feel sick, but just needed someone to listen and care.

Beer’s words of wisdom were, “Life needs lemon drops.” She told the graduates that we all have to be the remedy for our friends and family.

She said it had been a great privilege to watch the students grow, and now it was a great joy to watch them soar into the future.

Long-time employee Janet Radtke then announced the graduates and as they proceeded onto the stage; Plumas Unified School District board member Leslie Edlund gave the graduates their diplomas.

After all the students had received their diplomas and been congratulated by the teachers of Quincy High, they returned to their seats for the ceremony’s conclusion.

The graduates tossed up their caps according to age-old tradition, celebrating an important rite of passage. 

Their families and friends then poured onto the field to congratulate the young women and men and wish them well on their journeys into adulthood.


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