Rubber duck makes Mill Pond its home

A 5-foot floating duck has claimed the Mill Pond as its new residence. The duck is a representation of a much larger art exhibit traveling all over the world making port at various harbors. Red House Art Gallery co-owner Brian Carl and Graeagle Outpost owner Nancy Degger executed the idea for Eastern Plumas’ own version of the giant rubber duck. Photo by Michael Clawson
Carolyn Carter

  The Graeagle Mill Pond has a new kind of waterfowl floating around: a 5-foot rubber duck that has made the pond its home as of Wednesday, June 19. The big yellow floaty will be resting on the pond for the duration of the summer both as an art exhibit and something of a buoy for Mill Pond adventurers.

  Red House Art Gallery co-owner Brian Carl came up with the idea, and with the help of Graeagle Outpost owner Nancy Degger the familiar bath time companion is now resting on the placid water.

  The duck is a representation of a much larger art exhibit traveling all over the world called “Spreading Joy Around the World” by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. The exhibit, also known as “Rubber Duck,” is a 54-foot-tall inflatable duck, which was created in 2007.

  Since then the duck has made its way to 13 different cities and nine countries, docking at various ports for periods of time. Its last stop, Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, made such an impact on the people of China that it turned into something of a joyful mascot for the city.

  According to a CBN news report, Hofman said he hopes the duck will act as a catalyst to connect people to public art.

  For the Red House Art Gallery, Carl said he saw an opportunity to bring that expression of art and childhood nostalgia to the Graeagle community.

  The giant duck was deflated and packaged up and is now on its way to Pittsburgh where it will be revitalized for the citizens of the United States to enjoy.

  Carl claimed that on its way to Pennsylvania the duck dropped off a small duckling for Eastern Plumas County to enjoy.

  “I thought it was a fun thing for the area to have,” said Carl. “Everybody loves it. It’s just fun to do something different.”

  Carl said he got the idea when he saw on the news how much Hong Kong residents loved their duck. He approached Degger at the Outpost near the pond and they worked out a way to anchor the duck to the underwater island in the middle of the pond.

  “I thought it was such a cute idea,” said Degger. “It’s the goofiest-looking duck. We’re just having fun with it.”

  The duck is taken out in the evenings after visitors have done their swimming.

  “It’s a little too inviting to the kids, we don’t want it to pop,” said Degger.

  Carl said as soon as they could figure out how to keep people from untying it the duck will be out there all the time.

  “If we just please a few people that’s great,” said Carl.

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