Services district board approves new budget

  After noticing a 2 percent shortfall in May’s year-to-date revenue, Hamilton Branch Community Services District directors voted to adopt a decreased budget for its 2013-14 accounting period.

  Although excessive usage during the district’s final fiscal month of June was expected to significantly increase revenue, it is unlikely to account for the $32,000 deficit. An average calculation for the last 11 months would equate to an approximate yearly income of $192,000, whereas the district previously budgeted for $207,000.

  Operating expenses were also lower than expected by almost 2 percent. However, general and administrative expenses were underestimated in several categories, which warranted an increase in budget. The bottom line was a proposed increase of 1 percent between the two categories.

  Although the district anticipated ending the year with a remaining balance of $26,261, the year’s average puts them closer to $23,000.

  In order for next year’s budget to be more realistic, office manager Mike Roarty proposed a total gain for the upcoming year of $19,884, which is $6,377 less than last year.

  Board secretary Robert Warner moved to accept the proposed budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year and director Kay Williams seconded. With the acceptation of absent director Christine Delucchi, the board voted June 19 to unanimously approve the new budget.

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