Community plays ball for a cause

Frank Potter knocks one out to center field during the Scotty Schwartz Co-Ed Softball Tournament at Gansner Park on July 13. The annual tournament raised funds for Plumas County children with special needs. Photo by James Wilson
James Wilson

  The Gansner Park softball field was packed with players who signed up to help support their community at the Scotty Schwartz Co-Ed Softball Tournament last Friday and Saturday.

  The tournament was traditionally held over one day, but higher than average sign-up numbers stretched the tournament into two days this year. On Saturday, a food and beverage station was set up to satisfy hungry and thirsty players.

  The tournament featured a double-elimination format. Men were required to use a wooden bat while women used aluminum. Each game lasted seven innings, unless a team was ahead by 10 runs in the fifth inning.

  Six teams competed for the tournament champion title. The Hot Spots, Got the Runs, Scott’s Family, I’d Hit It, the Sierra Smashers and TNT participated. I’d Hit It eventually took the championship, after taking down Sierra Smashers 3-2.

  The annual tournament raises money for the Scott Schwartz Memorial Scholarship Fund. In memory of Scott Schwartz, his family established a scholarship fund to assist students in Plumas County with special development needs.

  This year’s recipients of the scholarship are Danette Glover and Mike Satterlee. Glover and Satterlee have a 2-year-old named Brasyn who was diagnosed with the rare cri du chat syndrome.

  A scholarship amounting in $3,200 was provided to Satterlee and Glover to go to a conference dealing with cri du chat in New York. Plane fare totaling $2,700 and a check for $500 for spending cash was raised for the family.

  The scholarship benefited several families in past years. Last year, money raised paid for several students to participate in Fast Forward, a computer-based speech and reading program. The year prior, the scholarship was used to send a child with special needs to a summer camp to learn and practice social skills.

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