Golf Results for the week of 8/8/2013

LACC Women’s Golf

  Two separate events were played today. First to tee off were the 18 competitors in the Club Championship tournament. This is a three-day event, and the winner will be declared next Tuesday, Aug. 5.

  The game of the day for those following the field was Eeenie-Meenie, in which players choose their three best Par 3’s; three best Par 4’s, and 3 best Par 5’s. Add together, then subtract half handicap for game score. Finishing first, with a score of 27.5 was Marcia Spooner. Sandy Feeney and Barbara Marquardt tied for second place with 30. Margi Stephenson and Martha Vlahos tied for third place with 30.5; and fourth place was a tie between Mary Ann Broderick and Maggie Fleming, with scores of 31.

  Congratulations to today’s winners, and good luck to those continuing in the Club Championship.

Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf Club

July 30

  Today’s game was “Funny Ball” format for 19 ladies. Each lady played her own ball except on every assigned fourth hole she had to play the designated Funny Ball. This assignment was met with some dread, some angst, sometimes disappointment, and many times elation. If that ball was lost, the team lost its advantage which was being able to reduce that person’s net score by one. The team scores consisted of two best net balls of the foursome on each hole.

  Each team played all 18 holes without losing that ball. The happiest teams were these: First place team was Marcia Zeigler, Jenine Fraser, Patsy Purvis and a blind draw; Second place went to Toni Dick, Ann Verutti, Joann West and Arline Simpson. The cash in the Chip In jar was split between Sharon Russell and Toni Dick. Nice playing, ladies.

Graeagle Meadows Monday Madness

  This week’s Monday Madness format was two best net balls of the foursome on the front nine and three best balls of the foursome on the back nine. The winning team was made up of Jim Adams, Wally Walker, Bob McIlroy and Joel Patterson with a score of 151. In this format par is 180, therefore they were 29 strokes under par. This was in large part due to Jim Adams, who is a 9 handicap, shooting a gross score of 73.    Congratulations go out to Jim Adams, and his new set of clubs. Obviously, Jim received a good deal of help from his playing partners. Second place went to the team of Ron Tobler, Dwayne Austin, Bill Smidt and Tom Gossett with a score of 152. Third place was a tie between the team of Dick Fearing, Norm Nichols, Jim/Linda Bilger, and the team of Ken/Dottie Hattich and John/Judy Lullo with a score of 153.


Graeagle Meadows Men’s Wednesday Play Day

  The format for the regular Graeagle Meadows Men’s Wednesday Play Day was Orange Ball. In this format, each four man team is given an orange ball by the tournament committee. The orange ball must be played by one of the players on each hole. The members of the team rotate the playing of the orange ball though out the round. The team score on each hole is recorded by the net score of the person playing the orange ball, combined with the best net score of the other three team members. If the team loses the orange ball, the team is disqualified. Two teams lost the orange ball and were disqualified.

  The winners in the White Tee Flight were Joel Patterson, Mike Gibson, Dick Eck and Bob Morales with a score of 119. Second place was won by the team of Mike Simpson, Jim Reynolds, Jim Adams and Chuck Pratt with a score of 124. Three skins were won by Jim Adams, while Bryan Hansen, Mike Gibson, Dick Eck, Bob Morales and Ken Hattich each won one skin.

    In the Combo Tee Flight the winning team was Duane Austin, Bob Nunn, Bill Smidt and Tom Gossett with a score of 125. Second place was won by Jim Bilger, Leo Reihsen, Norm Nichols and Jim Oster. One skin each was won by Ron Halstead, Tom Gossett, Mike Hallenberger, and Gary Kinkley.

Graeagle Meadows Women’s Golf Club

  This week’s game was “Shipwreck,” a four-person team game. With very pleasant weather, all play was from the Red/Green Combo Tees. On the first six holes, the one best net ball of the foursome was the team score; on the second six holes, the two best net balls of the foursome counted; and, on the final six holes “Shipwreck!”, three best balls of the foursome counted, which resulted in some interesting scores. And, the winners were: with a team net score of 120, Annie Fischer/Jay Fisher/Renee Miller/Sue Taylor; second, with a team score of 124, Gail Arterburn/Joanne Lake/Priscilla Piper/Dee Walker; third, with a team score of 127, Lorraine Cornish/Ellen Fearing/Carol Miller/Esther Rimbault. Chip-ins were made by: Cheryl Brennan on No. 14; Jacquie McMaster on No. 10; and Priscilla Piper on No. 15.


  The game for Aug. 1 was Low Net and Putts.

  Congratulations to Linda Kluge for the winning low score of 67 in the first flight. Betty Duncan was second with a 68. Taking first place in the second flight was Judy Cooper. Her score was 71. Jeanne Locatelli was second with a 79

  There were four birdies and three chip-ins for the day. Carol Regimbal had a chip-in birdie on hole 15 and a chip-in on hole 12. Kathi Shennan had a chip-in birdie on hole 7. The other birdies were by Karen Tratt on hole 10 and Judy Cooper on hole 15.

  Kathi Shennan won the low putting honors with 29.

Wednesday morning and Thursday evening scramble at Mt. Huff.

  At the Wednesday morning scramble the weather was nice and we had a great turn out as always.

    On the first place team at 12 under were Greg Stevens, Darel Joseph and Larry Graggs.

  On the second place team at 9 under were Dick Grave, Jeff Stevens and Loren Linder.

  The chip in was split between Mike Ingle and Darel Joseph.

  Closest to the pin was won by John Hackett. At the Thursday Evening Scramble the weather was beautiful and there was a great turnout!
On the first place team at 8 under were Wes Morgan, Richard Mauldin, Paul Egan and Darel Joseph.

  On the second place team at 3 under, due to chip off, were Jeff Stevens, Ralph Cote and Bob McElroy.

  On the third place team at 3 under were Matt Purdy, Bob Purdy, Danny Purdy and Roy Purdy.

  Longest Drive went to Amanda Sheffield.

  Closest to the pin went to Dave Purdy

Graeagle Meadows Senior/Super Senior Championship

  Graeagle Men’s Golf Association (GMGA) conducted their Senior Men’s Club Championship (ages 55-69) and Super Senior Club Championship (ages 70 and over) on July 29 – 30. As a result, the Monday Madness Event for July 29 was not held. It was a spirited contest with some of the Super Seniors giving the younger guys a bit of a contest after the first day. But, youth prevailed and when the dust settled the regular seniors won out over the older players. The over-all White Tee Flight Senior Low Gross Champion and Golfer of the Year for Graeagle Meadows Seniors was Gary Maniery with a gross score of 79 - 71 = 150. Second low gross was many time Club Champion Mike Herrington, with gross scores of 79 - 76 = 155.

  The White Tee Flight Super Senior Low Gross Champion was Winston Giles with gross scores of 78 - 81 =159. Second Low Gross was won by George Fraser with a score of 88 - 85 = 173. In the Super Senior Combo Tee Flight, Low Gross Champion was Norm Nichols with a score of 165 followed by Mike Gibson with a score of 168.

  In the net division, White Tee Flight Senior Net Champion was Jim Reynolds who won in a card off with second place winner Ton Balestri with net scores of 140. White Tee Flight Super Senior Net Champion was Chuck Pratt with a score of 137, and second place was Tom Gossett with a net score of 141. In the Super Senior Combo Tee Flight the Net Champion was Aubrey Neish with a score of 135, and second place was won by Jim Bilger with a net score of 136.

Graeagle Men’s Wednesday Play Day

  Because of the large field that played in the Monday and Tuesday Senior/Super Senior Club Championship there was a limited number playing in the regular Wednesday Men’s Play Day. The White Tee Low Gross was won by Tom Slavik with a score of 84. Low Net winner was Jack Cornish with a net score of 67. The Combo Tee Flight Low Gross winner was Duane Austin with a score of 93. Low Net winner was Mike Hallenberger with a net score of 67.

Bailey Creek Women’s Club

  With five Wednesdays in July, it has been a busy month for the Bailey Creek Women’s Club. The third Wednesday of each month is guest day, and on July 17, the club hosted eight guests representing Chico, Napa and LACC. Playing a game of “Crier’s Challenge,” placing were: First flight, Carol Moore (1st) and Jan Vortman (2nd); second flight, Diana Pallari (1st) and Doris Prince (2nd). Chipping in on No. 17 were Diana Pallari and Jenni Cesarin.

    The following Wednesday, the club played a game of “Hate ’Em.” Recognized in the first flight were Carol Moore (1st) and Wynnetta Regli (2nd) and in the second flight, Joan Eychner (1st) and Ginger Birchfield (2nd). Chipping in were Carol Moore and Diana Pallari. With regrets, the group said their goodbyes to member Carol Moore, who is moving away.

    On the fifth and last play day of the month, the ladies played “O.N.E.S.” The cool weather brought an excellent turnout. Taking home prizes in the first flight were Cheryl Erwin (1st) and Wynnetta Regli (2nd). Second flight awards went to Joan Eychner (1st) and Doris Prince (2nd). Celebrating Chip Ins were Diana Pallari and Lynn Bottini.

    Three BCWC members, Jan Vortman, Mary Ashburn, and Lynn Bottini, traveled with Bailey Creek Golf Pro Ronnie Theobald to Butte Creek CC in Chico for a Pro-Am Tourney on Aug. 1. The report was, that they had a great time!

    Bailey Creek will be hosting a PWGA Ladies Play day on Aug. 26. This should be a great day. For more information check the PWGA website. Entry deadline is August 15.

To have your golf results and club news included in this weekly section, email the information to by Friday at 3 p.m.


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