Quincy Library Group attendance drops

  A result of dwindling attendance, Quincy Library Group members received an email Aug. 23 imploring them to show up for upcoming meetings.

  “We hope to see you at a future meeting so that we can remain as a viable community collaborative group and provide comment and discussion on future work,” member Bill Wickman wrote.

  Attendance at the Aug. 22 meeting was particularly scant, but that could at least partially be attributed to the fires in Indian Valley, home to several of the group’s members.

  But the drop could also be blamed on simple burnout — the group formed two decades ago —and the fact that the legislation that funded the QLG vision of forest management has ended.

  Congress did not renew the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Group Forest Recovery Act, which called for the creation of defensible fuel profile zones.

  Even though the act has terminated, the group hopes the work will continue.

  That will be true for at least the next couple of years because many of the timber harvest projects developed under the Quincy Library Group model are in the Forest Service pipeline.

  “Some of the basic ideas of the QLG proposal, at least locally, are fairly well-imbedded in the process,” said George Terhune, a library group member, at the end of June, following yet another meeting when members struggled with plans for the future.

  A flurry of emails preceded that meeting, as members discussed whether the effort should continue beyond the two-decade mark.

  At that meeting, attended by cofounders Bill Coates and Michael Jackson, the consensus seemed to be “yes.”

  “It refocused us all a little bit,” Coates said. “We looked at what had been accomplished and what could still be done.”

  It appears that the discussion will continue at the next meeting of the Quincy Library Group, which is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 26, at 9 a.m. in the Quincy library meeting room.

  The two remaining meetings for the year are scheduled for Oct. 24 and Dec. 11 (the November and December meetings were combined due to the holidays).

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