Plumas National Forest government shutdown information

News Release from the Plumas National Forest Supervisor’s Office

Nonessential operations are in the process of being shut down on the Plumas National Forest, due to a lapse in federal appropriations as of October 1, 2013.

Effective today, most staff have been furloughed pending reinstatement of funding by Congress. These staff will not be available by phone or email, and cannot carry out work for the Agency, until funding is restored. This means that many services will be delayed or interrupted. Activities such as the Fall Fest, scheduled for October 5, are cancelled. All offices are closed.

Staffs that remain on the PNF include all fire fighters, law enforcement, those necessary to oversee emergency salvage operations, district rangers and the deputy and forest supervisors.

Visitors may continue to enjoy traveling on forest system roads and trails, cut firewood with a permit, hunt and camp, among other activities. All campgrounds without gates are open although services are curtailed.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has initiated the shutdown process for their agencies including the Forest Service. Those plans may be viewed at . shutdown

In the event of a lapse of funding for the US Government on October 1, 2013, the Recreation One Stop program will close along with most federal recreational facilities across the nation. Visitors to will be redirected to a website provided by the US Department of Agriculture.

The Active Network will continue to staff call centers to provide customer service and cancel existing reservations affected by federal facility closures. We will not take any new reservations for any time period during a lapse in funding for the federal government.

Cancellations and refunds:

1. Customers who request a cancellation due to the lapse in funding will be refunded in full with no service fees. Customers who have made reservations at Forest Service facilities where a reservation fee has been paid will also receive a full refund including the reservation fee. This applies to all types of facilities including camping, day use, cabins and lookouts, permits and tickets.

2. The $1.50 convenience fee for tickets at Independence Hall, The Frederick Douglass Home, The USS Arizona Memorial and the National Archives is not refundable. (NOTE: visitors wishing to cancel purchases of the audio tour or passport to Pearl Harbor may get a refund of all except the $1.50 convenience fee).

3. Reservations that start or end during the lapse in funding will only be cancelled after the duration of the reservation has ended. In the event that a shutdown due to the lapse in funding is limited, customers may still want to arrive for the remainder of their reservation. These customers will be eligible for partial refunds.

4. Active Network will review reservations at the end of the lapse-in-funding period or on a weekly basis if it continues, and will cancel and make full refunds for all reservations that were scheduled entirely within the timeframe of the lapse in funding requiring government facilities to close.

5. Active Network agents should:

a. Apologize as necessary for the inconvenience.

b. Cancel reservations and authorize full refunds and waive service fees.

c. DO NOT refund ticketing fees for Independence Hall, the USS Arizona, Fredrick Douglass Home or the National Archives. They may rebook for later dates at the time of the call or may call back and have their fees applied to a future reservation request. (Passports and audio tours may be refunded minus the $1.50 service fee).

d. Check any lists provided to see if a facility remains open (this will only work if the FS and COE provide lists and we recognize that any list provided may be incomplete).

e. Provide phone numbers to local facilities when possible.

f. DO NOT make any new reservations.

Other information

1. Some US Army Corps sites may remain open. Visitors are encouraged to call local offices to learn more. (We hope to be able to provide a list of these locations but cannot promise one at this time).

2. Some USFS concession-operated facilities may remain open. It is unlikely that local FS offices will have staff to answer questions about which facilities are open. Visitors are encouraged to call the campground directly to see if it is open.

3. When funding to the government is restored, the R1S program office will work with Active Network to resume of operations as soon as possible. Customer Service will continue to respond to customer requests as long as necessary to address customer needs after the lapse in funding has ended.

4. will provide the following message to a redirect page on the website and the Integrated Voice Recognition answering service at call centers:

The website is not available due to a lapse in funding for the federal government. As the situation evolves we will provide additional information about how our services and reservations may be affected. For now, the site is temporarily unavailable. We invite visitors to return to this site for additional information after this situation is resolved.

If you are not automatically redirected to a U.S.D.A. site with links for additional information, please click here ( now.

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