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M. Kate West 
Staff Writer
Lake Almanor Fitness Center puts the ‘C’ in community

Starting their married lives out as part of the larger global community, Garn and Bunny Pringle’s arrival in Chester not only brought multifaceted talents but also a passion for contributing to the local community, its children and young adults.

They opened the Lake Almanor Fitness Center on Oct. 7, 2007, and since that time they have established business practices that have led to many noteworthy accomplishments.

The LAFC is a clean, well-organized facility where people feel welcome and appreciated. In enhancing that overall experience, the Pringles have developed a number of relationships that have not only benefited the economic health of the community but that of the members the center serves.

“A strong example would be the longstanding educational partnership we developed with Feather River College that has resulted in bringing ‘life-long heath and fitness’ programs to the Lake Almanor community,” Garn said. 

For those seeking fitness as well as fun, LAFC has re-established children’s dance classes along with adult Zumba, line dancing, yoga and aerobics.

If strength training and cardiac workouts are your focus, LAFC should be your destination.

“We have reinvested significantly into LAFC and the community to improve workout equipment, exercise programs and the availability of personal trainers, class instructors and front desk managers.

“We have resurrected a failed fitness center and now have a profitable business enjoyed by hundreds of members,” Garn said.

In their latest improvement, the Pringles have taken fitness to the next level by bringing high-tech body composition analysis to provide members with an informational baseline for a healthy lifestyle.

“We also use technology, in the form of live streaming video surveillance, which provides added security and safety to LAFC members, our facility and the management,” Garn said.

Their successes have also spread into the local economy.

“LAFC currently employs two shift mangers and five part-time exercise instructors. In addition, LAFC prides itself in utilizing the services of local contractors, agencies and organizations to put revenue back into the community,” he added.

The Pringles have also invested heavily in a variety of community activities themselves. They support all sports programs and donate both time and financial assistance to benefit local schools.

Garn is a past member of the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce and is presently a trustee for the Lake Almanor Elks Lodge.

In past endeavors he has chaired and coordinated the Century Mile High 100 bike ride and the Street Rod Extravaganza Car Show for four years.

His most recent contribution was in helping plan the Mid-Summer Madness event, which raises thousands of dollars for local high school scholarships.

“I especially enjoy my association with the Elks Lodge Scholarship Committee and the various other fundraising activities,” he said.

“Bunny, who is a 17-year cancer survivor, is passionate about sharing her story of survival and helping others overcome their fears of the unknown. She has been involved in the American Cancer Society breast cancer walks locally and in other areas,” he added. 

About the Pringles

Before his retirement, Garn worked in human resources and facilities management for the William Wrigley Jr. Co., which manufactured chewing gum. The company was located in Santa Cruz.

During this time Bunny worked as a medical records supervisor for the Santa Cruz Medical Center.

When away from the LAFC and volunteer projects Garn “loves water skiing, wake-boarding, boating, fishing and sport shooting.” He is also an accomplished pool player and played “surfer music” as a member of the rock band The Jaguars.

“Bunny loves to create scrapbooks and the walls of our home are filled with bookcases holding hundreds of scrapbooks and photo albums,” Garn said.

Garn and Bunny have raised a daughter, Cheryl Calvins, and a son, Jon Pringle. Both are married, have children and have become very successful in the same career field of high-tech Internet security software sales.

In addition to being incredibly pleased with the talents of their children, Garn expressed his pleasure further by saying, “Thanks to our children, Bunny and I are the very proud grandparents of six.”

Garn and Bunny still own a home in Lake of the Pines in Auburn and their children live in Folsom and El Dorado Hills. Garn’s mother and father live in nearby Rocklin.

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