Museum celebrates two huge milestones

Samantha P. Hawthorne
Staff Writer


Officers and board members of the Mt. Jura Gem and Museum Society celebrated its 50-year anniversary Sept. 23.

The society is a part of the Indian Valley Museum, which opened 40 years ago in May. Prior to the museum opening, a small group of community members formed the Mt. Jura society. Their first meeting was Aug. 5, 1963, in a Taylorsville church social hall. It wasn’t until Sept. 9, 1963, however, that the group elected officers for the first time. This is the date the club uses as its anniversary.

A little over two years later, Oct. 17, 1965, the club broke ground on its own clubhouse. Over the next several years, a group of men worked to build the clubhouse. According to museum coordinator Katherine Musser Iglesias, this group of men worked all day to support their families, and then came home, ate dinner, then went back to work on the clubhouse.

Approximately five years later, in 1970, the club was finally meeting in its own clubhouse, which was also used to host gem shows.

“If it were not for the volunteers in the beginning we would not be here,” said Iglesias. A few strong supporters she mentioned were Bob Cooke, Bob Hunter, Chuck Wilson, Stanley Dolphin, Dick Vigil and their wives.

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