Plumas National Forest shuts down due to national budget stalemate

Feather Publishing

Nonessential operations have been shut down on the Plumas National Forest due to a lapse in federal appropriations as of Oct. 1.

Most staffers have been furloughed pending reinstatement of funding by Congress. These staffers will not be available by phone or email, and cannot carry out work for the agency until funding is restored. This means that many services will be delayed or interrupted. Activities such as the Fall Fest, scheduled for Oct. 5, were cancelled. All offices are closed.

Staffers that remain on the PNF include all firefighters, law enforcement, district rangers and the deputy and forest supervisors.  

Visitors may continue to enjoy traveling on forest system roads and trails, cut firewood with a permit, hunt and camp, among other activities.

The United States Department of Agriculture initiated the shutdown process for its agencies, including the Forest Service. Those plans may be viewed at

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