Supervisors authorize $30,000 to clean up parcel

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

The rattlesnakes and rodents that inhabit a garbage-filled parcel of land in Chilcoot will have to find another place to live — the Plumas Board of Supervisors has earmarked $30,000 to clean up the blighted area.

During the board’s Oct. 15 meeting, Building Official John Cunningham and Public Works Director Bob Perreault shared their plan to remove vehicles and debris from the site.

Cunningham reminded the supervisors that he had brought the matter to their attention several months ago and now was ready to proceed.

County Counsel Craig Settlemire said that he would file a motion with the court to begin the abatement process, since the owner has been unresponsive.

“The process will require a minimum of 30 days,” he said. “If the court grants the motion, the cleanup can begin.”

Rather than go out to bid, because there are many unknowns about the extent of the cleanup, public works employees will do the work.

Perreault estimated the costs to be a little more than $23,000, but requested $30,000 to cover contingencies, such as hazardous materials if they are found.

“It’s difficult because we don’t know all that’s there,” Cunningham said. He has visited the site multiple times, but there is a lot to be removed.

Both Cunningham and Perreault hope much of the cost can be recouped by selling or salvaging some of the items.

“If costs exceed the salvage value, we can place a lien on the property,” Settlemire said.


Vehicles go to auction

Two transit buses and a couple of dump trucks are among the surplus vehicles that the county plans to auction.

Public Works Director Bob Perreault presented a list of surplus equipment to the supervisors and received approval to partner with Bar None Auction to conduct the sale.

There is also a street sweeper, a water truck, an excavator and a low-bed tractor, as well as miscellaneous items such as tire chains.

The buses and vehicles have high mileage and no longer meet emission standards for public transportation.

Dony Sawchuk, the director of facility services, will also use Bar None to dispose of surplus office equipment.

Sawchuk said the equipment is being stored at the former probation building in East Quincy, but he would offer the items to other county departments before he gave them up for auction.


The Sierra Crown

The supervisors signed a letter endorsing a new event to be held next October, despite opposition from some in the equestrian community.

The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship plans to hold a three-day mountain bike event called the Sierra Crown, which will take place in Downieville, Graeagle and Quincy from Oct. 3 to 5, 2014.

“I am confident this will be a world-class event and will attract riders and media throughout the word,” read the letter, which was signed by Terry Swofford, the Board of Supervisors chairman.

Supervisors Jon Kennedy and Lori Simpson said they received emails from individuals who were against the event.

“The horse people don’t approve,” Simpson said. “I thought they would be here today.”

Simpson said she supported the event because “we’re constantly working to keep the forest open to support multiuse.”


Now hiring

Human Resources Director Gayla Trumbo won approval to hire a human resources analyst for her department.

Trumbo said the position has been vacant since 2008 and that she had absorbed the duties, but with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, she needed help.

“This responsibility will bring additional workload that if not implemented and tracked correctly will also bring liability to the County,” she wrote in her backup material. “The penalties for errors are very severe to the employers whether you are a governmental agency or a private employer.”

District Attorney David Hollister received authorization to hire a legal services assistant for his office and the public works director will be able to fill the Quincy road maintenance supervisor position that opened up as the result of a retirement.


Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The supervisors voted to proclaim October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Delicia Martinetti, the domestic violence services coordinator for Plumas Rural Services, shared some national as well as local statistics pertaining to domestic violence.

For the calendar year beginning September 2012, Martinetti said that 85 people received services: 31 were sheltered directly and 54 were outreach clients.

Of those served, 41 were children.

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