Kaiser hired at Grizzly Lake Community Services District

Carolyn Shipp
Staff Writer

The loss of Portola’s city manager turned out to be a gain for the Grizzly Lake Community Services District. Tonight the district’s board of directors will officially hire Ian Kaiser as the general manager for the district.

“We benefited from Portola,” said district chief operator Randy Mark. “He is an asset here.”

The city hired Kaiser in July, but after two months of employment he faced disciplinary action due to personnel issues at City Hall. He resigned from the position shortly after, on Sept. 13.

The community services district has been without a general manager since Aug. 31, 2012. At that time, the district had to make sacrifices due to financial hardship. However, 2013 is proving a better year for the district, and it is ready to bring another employee on board.

According to Mark, the district sought Kaiser when he resigned from the city. Board members sent him a letter asking to meet and Kaiser met with them at the beginning of October in a special board meeting.

“I think it is a happy beginning,” said Kaiser. “We’ve had long discussions. It is a very well-put-together board … I am very appreciative of the community and that the board is trusting.”

Throughout the month the district held special meetings to discuss hiring him for the part-time position.

According to Mark, at its last meeting, on Oct. 28, the board voted to hire Kaiser. The official announcement will be made at the board meeting tonight.

“He is such a fair person,” said Mark. “We’ll take his kind of honesty any day of the week.”

“The team is very wonderful,” said Kaiser. “They needed someone to bring them forward and they trusted me to do the job.”

Kaiser said he has been visiting the office since Nov. 1, getting familiar with the ordinances and the water and sewer systems.

He said his main priority would be to clean up the two systems and work with the board and staff to look at all the issues surrounding the district.

Kaiser said he and the board discussed his previous employment with the city. He said he was “very comfortable” and “forthcoming,” and they had confidence in his qualifications and expertise.

“The board saw it as an opportunity,” said Mark. “This guy is just so honest. He’s got such a great heart … We need him more than the city does.”

The board of directors will construct Kaiser’s contract and identify specific duties at tonight’s board meeting at 5:30. The public is welcome to attend.

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