Officers apprehend vehicle theft suspects

California Highway Patrol officers Chris Gould (left) and Jonathan Estes search for the vehicle identification numbers on two stolen quads Nov. 13. Photo by M. Kate West
M. Kate West
Staff Writer

Officers from the Susanville Area California Highway Patrol and Plumas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a tip received Wednesday evening, Nov. 13, that resulted in solving a number of pending cases.

The resident offering the tip saw what was believed to be three males in Chester pushing quads that had been reported as stolen that same day.

The resident also told law enforcement officials that it was possible the stolen vehicles were in a garage in the vicinity of 280 Gay St. They were also advised that the caller paid the rent on the building, had a key and would authorize their entry.

“When we arrived on scene and were walking up to the resident, we saw quad tracks on the ground and an orange band saw that had been reported as being attached to one of the quads,” PCSO Sgt. Ian James said.

He said as he looked around the scene he saw people in the apartment above the garage and one person out on the balcony.

“Dep. David Isham and I started for the stairs leading to the balcony when we noticed that a section of the wire fence bordering the property was undone and hanging. As we started up the steps, a male jumped from the second-story window, which led to our entering a foot pursuit,” James said.

He and Dep. Isham apprehended the subject. In recalling the sequence of events he said there was one other subject that had also jumped out of the window before he and Isham had started to the stairs.

That subject, whom Sgt. James preferred to leave unnamed, was not apprehended.

“We have suspects 1 and 3 in custody and No. 2 is out there somewhere,” he said.

Taken into custody were Damian Browning, 20, of Chester, and Joshua Talmon, 19, a new resident of Chester from Nevada.

Both suspects were transported to the Plumas County Correctional Center where they will be detained and charged with theft and unlawful taking or driving of a vehicle.

As four potentially stolen bicycles were also found with the quads, the two suspects will additionally be charged with four counts of petty theft.

Sgt. James said most of the found property has been identified and will result in closing out three reported theft cases.

James said that PCSO dispatch received the report of the stolen vehicles and subsequently transferred the call to the CHP.

CHP officer Jonathan Estes said the quad call came into CHP dispatch at approximately 11 a.m. and he headed from Susanville to aid Chester resident CHP officer Chris Gould in the search.

Estes and Gould took reports on the stolen quads and the PCSO handled the stolen bicycles and other property.

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