Remember When for the week of 12/6/2013

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian


75 YEARS AGO......1938

Be prepared for winter sports! Skis $18.00 to $26.50, toboggans 6 feet — $9.95, 10 feet — $12.95, ice skates $4.95. All available at Quincy Hardware Company — Phone 87 Quincy.

Another free campground on the Feather River Highway was approved by the United States Forest Service. The USFS camp will be located near Grays Flat and will be similar to camp developments at Belden and Twin Bridges. Heavy tourist traffic has resulted in the opening of the Feather River Highway in August 1937.

50 YEARS AGO......1963

As in other cities and towns across the nation, people in Plumas County continue to share the deep shock and grief brought by the tragic of President John F. Kennedy’s death last week. All Plumas County schools, federal, state and county offices closed throughout the county last Monday.


25 YEARS AGO......1988

Full page advertisement: Our thanks to the people of Plumas County for your warm welcome and gracious hospitality. We have had the pleasure of getting to know many of you on more than just a casual basis, something we treasure as we travel around. Signed: Warner Brothers Productions, Malpaso Productions, Clint Eastwood, David Valdes, producer and Buddy Van Horn, director of the film “Pink Cadillac.”


10 YEARS AGO......2003

Plumas County trees were wearing a new coat of snow this morning as the first snowfall of the season turned the landscape from the colors of fall to a winter wonderland.

Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper.

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