The cost to record a major life event takes a hike

Debra Moore
Staff Writer


Birth to death, and the milestones in between, will cost a little more to document in Plumas County.

The Board of Supervisors approved fee increases to obtain copies of a variety of documents issued by the clerk-recorder’s office.

fees-riseMost fee hikes ranged from $1 to $5 per document, with the steepest increase being $11 for a confidential marriage license. Birth and death certificates will each increase $5. (See related chart for the new fees, which will go into effect Jan. 1, 2014.)

The supervisors voted unanimously to adopt the increases following a public hearing Dec. 10. Public Health Director Mimi Hall attended the hearing to answer questions.

Indian Valley resident Todd Anderson objected to the fee increases, saying that an economic downturn was not the right time to increase fees.

“It’s just another expense to the citizens,” he said.

Hall explained that the state required the increases, that it wasn’t arbitrary on the part of the county.

But it is county policy for the supervisors to hold public hearings on any fee increase, regardless of the reason. Hall suggested that the practice might be changed as a cost-saving measure when it’s a state or federal mandate, because the county must pay to notice the hearing.

Supervisor Lori Simpson said that if the board were to change its practice, the supervisors would be accused “of not being transparent.”

“It would save money,” Supervisor Sherrie Thrall said, “but I really believe we need to let our constituents voice their comments.”

Hall received support from board observer Larry Douglas, who complimented her and her department’s use of public funds and said, “I never see Mimi bringing anything (to the board) that’s not reasonable.”

The supervisors voted unanimously to adopt the fee increases.

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