East Quincy Community Services District considers hiring new general manager

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer


The county might be doing just fine without a CAO, but the board of the East Quincy Services District is leaning toward hiring a general manager to run its operations.

The district has been without a permanent GM since September 2013, when former GM David Edwards resigned his position of one year.

Since then, district employee David Cottle has taken on the interim operations manager position, while secretary/bookkeeper Shawneen Howe resumed the position of interim GM that she held before Edwards was hired.

A committee comprised of Kathy Felker and Bill Martin, the board’s newest directors, presented their report at the April 8 EQSD board meeting. Their recommendation, based on numerous considerations, was to search for and hire a permanent general manager.

“No one should assume that we are promoting or deflecting the possibility of a future consolidation with QCSD.”
Kathy Felker, director

Felker noted that despite the committee’s recommendation, “no one should assume that we are promoting or deflecting the possibility of a future consolidation with QCSD.”

The board attempted to hire a GM earlier this year but could not find a qualified candidate willing to do the job. Howe said that was because the district was offering a salary that was too low.

The board tried to hire a “rent-a-manager” from the California Rural Water Association, but was unsuccessful due to a lack of qualified personnel at the CRWA. According to CRWA representative Angela Wendele, this is unlikely to change any time soon.

That leaves the district with no one possessing the proper licenses and qualifications at the helm.

The alleged embezzlement by former Indian Valley Community Services District GM Leanna Moore was mentioned as just one of many reasons emphasizing a need for increased oversight of operations by the board.

In addition to its recommendation to hire a GM, the committee presented a revised job description for the board’s approval. A special meeting was scheduled to revisit the GM hiring proposal along with several other items.


PRS annexation to EQSD

Another issue added to the special meeting, set for April 16, 5:30 p.m. was the possible annexation of Plumas Rural Services’ land plots at 711 E. Main St.

Currently, the PRS headquarters lies within the Quincy Community Services District area. However, QCSD is unable to provide services to the site due to lack of infrastructure.

Because of that, EQSD has been serving the site’s water and sewage needs. The problem now, explained PRS executive director Michele Piller, is that the organization is in the process of moving forward to build a new facility at the site, which requires a formal resolution of annexation.

The board decided to table the matter until Quincy took the necessary steps to de-attach the property from within its boundary lines.

The board set its preliminary budget meeting for April 21, 5:30 p.m. The next regular board meeting is set for May 13 at 6:30 p.m.

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