Keeping it local: local stimulus package considered in PDH hospital project

Traci Bue
Staff Writer


            In accordance with the board of directorsí desire to keep the work and dollars generated by the new Plumas District Hospital             in the community, general contractors Geney/Gassiot, Inc. submitted a working draft of creative ideas toward a local stimulus plan this month.

            The proposed ideas are an effort ìto generate business and labor opportunities with local contractors, vendors and material suppliers Ö while remaining in compliance with Public Contract Code requirements and regulations.î

            The stimulus plan included specifying local vendors and material suppliers to be incorporated into the project specifications, thus minimizing submitted requirements by using local products and materials and passing that cost savings onto PDH, as well as the architects, consultants, contractors, vendors and suppliers involved in the project.

            The ìshop localî plan would be cost effective in the use of local materials and labor and also increase field productivity on the job.

            Ideas to recruit and utilize local labor included working with the collegeís and high schoolsí current vocational training/job experience programs; developing a labor pool with the Carpenters Union, MEP Union and the Iron Workers Union to implement a union dues deferment plan for workers; promoting local labor interests in joining various unions through job seminars and workshops; and working with unions to waive subsistence fees for local workers so contractors can be more profitable.

            Suggestions include collaboration with the chamber of commerce and the local Workforce Alliance to generate local labor, as well as encouragement of local contactor joint venture opportunities with non-local contractors to provide adequate labor for the project.

            Several ideas for incorporating local merchants were presented, such as implementation of a housing program with area rental agents and motels and a local food program with the hospital dining room, local caterers, restaurants and grocery stores.             A discount voucher or card program with merchants for workers of the hospital project was another way suggested to retain the money generated by the project in the community.

            Inclusion of local artisans, sculptors and crafts people with an exhibition area set aside within the hospital to showcase local talent was also proposed.



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