Lights will go dark in Indian Valley

Alicia Knadler
Indian Valley Editor

Several Taylorsville and Greenville streetlights will become dark by order of Indian Valley Community Services District directors.

Director Mike Yost and Fire Chief Jim Hamblin identified 17 nonessential lights with help from PG&E representatives.

In addition, there were two lights outside district boundaries, one in Canyon Dam and one in Mount Hough Estates.

Essential lights are considered to be at intersections, fire hydrants, schools and public places Yost said.

Nonessential lights were chosen on streets with multiple lights, as long as the selected light was not near an intersection.

The move is expected to save the district about $2,500 per year.

Directors will revisit the issue in six months, or earlier if a public health or safety issue arises.

Otherwise, if a resident who benefits from one of the lights wants it back on, he is welcome to make arrangements with PG&E, according to Yost.

The annual cost to the district per streetlight is about $121 for Taylorsville and about $130 for Greenville.

Yost said PG&E workers would place orange caps on the lights they turn off, so that residents will know it's not just a burnt out bulb.

Residents who notice a dark streetlight without an orange cap are encouraged to call the district office at 284-7224. The district is billed for the lights, even if the bulb is burnt out. Chief Hamblin said replacing burnt out bulbs takes a couple days after notice is received.

Greenville resident Mark Delizio, a former director, told them of several lights out in Greenville.    On his way to the meeting, he carried the streetlight-shut-off map published in the newspaper March 3, and he drove by many of them.

He did not object to any on the list, and he told directors of similar problems faced by directors almost two decades ago.

For more information, call the district office at 284-7224, or visit

On the website, one can click on Agendas and Minutes, then on March 2009, and at the bottom of the page will be a recording taken of the me

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