Johnsville skiers take first in Buddy Werner Invitational


    Junior ski racers from throughout the Lake Tahoe region competed in the Buddy Werner Invitational Saturday, March 27, when the Johnsville Junior Ski Team took first place with its A-Team and third place with its B-team.

    JJST’s Miranda Lemons was the fastest overall racer at the competition.
    “This is a very special accomplishment,” said JJST co-director Lisa Kelly.
    “Johnsville Junior Ski Team doesn’t have all the advantages of the Lake Tahoe teams, like a home mountain or PE classes on the hill, but we do have amazing coaches — all volunteers,” said JJST co-director Mike Wood.
    Wood will serve as the director of JJST next year. Kelly and her son, Daniel Haygood, will move on to the high school team, joining the many other families that have moved from JJST to the high school level.
    “Skiing is something that Plumas County does very well, and its coaching is even more outstanding, as is evidenced by the success of JJST,” said Kelly.
    Many years ago, JJST was created with the help of the Plumas Ski Club, whose mission is to “...perpetuate the history of skiing in the (Plumas County) area and to foster and promote winter recreational activities throughout the county, with particular emphasis on school programs, and to promote competitive ski meets.”
    This year, JJST and PSC worked collaboratively to raise $2,000 for one of their own.
    Jedidiah Lusk races for Fire on Ice, with his father, Scott, as his coach.
    This year, Jedidiah was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was only able to compete in the first race of the season.
    The Lusk family has a long history with JJST, both with racing and coaching.
    Working collaboratively toward opening the Plumas Eureka Ski Bowl will benefit the Johnsville Junior Ski Team and also support the Learn to Ski Program, which is currently an annual trip to Lake Tahoe, sponsored by Central Plumas Recreation and Parks District.
    The Learn to Ski Program did not take place this year due to budget constraints.
    PSC and JJST are fully committed to acquiring local, state and federal funding to build infrastructure, meet ADA requirements and acquire a lift for the Plumas Eureka Ski Bowl.
    If you are interested in participating in the Plumas Ski Club, contact President Ron Logan or go to
    For information on the Johnsville Junior Ski Team, contact CPRPD, visit the PSC Web site, or go to the Facebook page: Johnsville Junior Ski Team.

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