Remember When for the week of 4/21/2010

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

80 YEARS AGO... 1930
At a Graeagle town meeting held this week it was voted to construct a boxing site on the site of the old baseball diamond on the edge of town. The 16-foot ring on a 34-foot platform with five tiers of seats will be erected at once.

Plan on attending the general community meeting at the Quincy Memorial Hall Thursday night to discuss the proposed plans to build a swimming pool on Spanish Creek located west of Long Bridge. Come and give your views and help along a needed community improvement project.

50 YEARS AGO... 1960
Mandatory retirement of Plumas Unified School District teachers at the age of 65 was ordered by the PUSD board this week.

Five candidates will vie for the honor of reigning over the third annual Lake Almanor Outboard Regatta: Sandra Miller, Lynne Gates, Donna Hill, Esther Olsen and Cheryl Sonnenstuhl, all of Chester.

30 YEARS AGO... 1980
The Plumas County Sheriff's office this week received a new fleet of Chevrolet Impala sedans complete with a "police enforcer" package through Nugget Motors in Quincy.

Plumas County businessman George Bartlett, a three year director for the Plumas County Chamber of Commerce will be president of the Plumas Chamber of Commerce. Michael Taborski will be vice-president and Bob Edwards, both of Quincy, will be treasurer.

10 YEARS AGO... 2000
The merging of the Plumas County Public Health Department and the Plumas County Environmental Health Department will be renamed the Plumas County Public Health Agency, effective immediately.

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