Tea Party group forms at Almanor

M. Kate West
Chester Editor

The Almanor Basin Tea Party Patriots held its first official meeting Sunday, July 18, in the Chester residence of Todd and Tracy DuBord.

Since that time, members of the steering committee have stepped forward to introduce the organization to the community. They will host their first public meeting Friday, Aug. 27, starting at 6 p.m. in the Chester Elementary School gymnasium.

"This is a totally nonpartisan movement. It doesn't matter if you're conservative, liberal, a Democrat, Independent, Republican or simply a concerned citizen," said committee member Fay Almond.

She said the purpose of the meeting is to come together and become informed about local, state and federal government issues.

"It is not our intent to suggest how you should vote," she added.

"We came together because we're sick of the government, sick of the oppression, the way government is overburdening us with taxes and taking away our freedoms. We don't feel the government is by the people anymore; it's by the federal government," said Tracy DuBord.

She added, "We wanted to create a forum for education for people who are like us and frustrated because they don't know what to do."

"We want to help them by facilitating how we can work together to help restore the country our Founding Fathers created," she added.

DuBord said that in hosting an informational meeting, the local Tea Party effort could gauge community interest.

"We want to do it together because we believe numbers are heard," DuBord said.

Rob Maple spoke to the heart of the movement. "We want to educate people about our constitution, history and laws." He also said it was approximately 30 days ago that a number of residents began to come together and talk about forming a local effort.

"We are very concerned about the way our government has drifted away from what was envisioned by the founders," Maple said.

Members of the committee agreed about the importance of presenting a united front and said they do want to connect with other groups on the big issues as a way for their voices to be heard in the government.

They also said they are very aware the Plumas County Patriots group meets in Graeagle.

They said the distance from the Almanor Basin to Graeagle and other Tea Party locations was another reason for forming the local group.

"Our community is unique and has its own view," Maple added.

The Almanor group plans to form a variety of action groups to monitor local, state and federal issues. The committee envisions one of the action groups will be all about education.

"The historical, constitutional history of Founding Fathers will all fall under education. Proposition 8, the Contract from America and a review of its congressional signers may become a group," DuBord said.

As to what the community can expect at the informational meeting, Maple said, "We will be discussing and soliciting suggestions as to what type of action groups should be formed and who the community would like to hear as future guest speakers."

The members also plan to talk about what they plan to do with future meetings

Maple will act as facilitator for the steering committee and will also be the face of the local movement.

Persons interested in attending the meetings should go to for more information.

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