Remember When for the week of 8/25/2010

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

 80 YEARS AGO.....1930
    Fire of unknown origin Friday night destroyed an office railroad car and its furnishings and contents owned by the contractors regraveling and reballisting the Western Pacific Railroad track between Spring Garden and Quincy Junction.
    A small fire was found Monday afternoon in the logging area of the California Fruit Exchange in Graeagle which burned one and half acres. Another fire burned about two acres on Sunday, south of Canyon Dam.

50 YEARS AGO......1960
    Still at large are two armed holdup men who robbed the Chester branch of the Bank of America Tuesday afternoon of $16,500 and wounded two customers. They have escaped without a trace.

30 YEARS AGO.....1980
    Tracy N. Hall has been appointed president/manager and chief executive officer of the now-forming Plumas Bank in Quincy. Hall was branch manager for Quincy's Wells Fargo Bank for ten years. Jerry Kehr of Chester has been named chairman of the board with Robert Schoensee of Mohawk elected vice president and Everett E. Bey of Quincy elected secretary pro-tem. The bank is due to open December 1980.

10 YEARS AGO......2000
    A jury of nine men and three women convicted Michael E. Franklin in Plumas County Superior Court of murdering his wife during a Bucks Lake snowmobile excursion in 1996.
    Quincy's first-ever Farmers Market was held this week in front of Quincy Natural Foods Co-op on Harbison Street in Quincy. The avenue was closed to traffic and filled with fenders and artisan booths.

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