Remember When for the week of 11/24/2010

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

80 YEARS AGO... 1930

Greenville today came back into the fold of Plumas County towns represented by a weekly newsletter column in this county newspaper. W.J. Hall, an old time resident of Greenville who has been at Englemine for the past six years, will represent the Plumas National-Bulletin of news the growing Indian Valley town.

50 YEARS AGO... 1960

Advertisement: Thanksgiving dinner items featured in this weeks grocery store: Tom turkey 49 cents a pound, fresh cranberries 25 cents a package, yams 13 cents a pound, eggs 25 cents a dozen, pumpkin 13 cents a tin, marshmallows 33 cents a bag.

30 YEARS AGO... 1980

Advertisement: Stonehouse Saloon and Steakhouse in Quincy serving Thanksgiving buffet dinner--baked ham or turkey and all the trimmings $7.00.

Advertisement: Timber House in Chester--Thanksgiving dinner $6.50 a plate.

Advertisement: Featured items in the local grocery stores for Thanksgiving dinner--Turkeys 68 cents a pound, yams three pounds for $1.00, cream cheese 69 cents, eggs 73 cents a dozen, frozen pumpkin pie 99 cents, pumpkin 59 cents a tin, brown 'n serve rolls 79 cents a dozen.

10 YEARS AGO... 2000

Advertisement: Featured Thanksgiving dinner items advertised in this weeks grocery stores: Turkey 99 cents a pound, yams 33 cents a pound, cranberries $1.50 a bag, broccoli 79 cents a crown, frozen pumpkin pie $1.98.

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