Headlines we’d like to write in 2011

Feather Publishing

Small school funding reinstated: Future is secure for Indian Valley schools


Supervisors ante up for more veterans services


PDH doctors save vacationing billionaire’s life; grateful patient offers to pay for new hospital (left over from 2010)


Hate truck crashes; vehicle totaled, but no injuries


Cunan and county settle dispute, join hands, sing “Kumbaya”


School board concludes meeting in 90 minutes


County’s General Plan completed ahead of schedule and under budget (left over from 2010)


Settlement reached on Feather River Inn project


All back taxes, penalties and interest paid on Nakoma resort


County reinstitutes alcohol-and-drug services


All parcels now included in fire districts


Unemployment in Plumas falls below 10 percent


State passes budget on time


County workers and businesses all pleased with new courthouse location


Lake Davis water treatment plant goes online


Portola repairs, repaves all streets


Downstream users to pay surcharge for Plumas water; county awash in money (left over from 2010)

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