Plumas skiers compete well at state championships

Shannon Morrow
Sports Editor

The ski teams of Quincy, Chester and Portola high schools competed at the state championships at Northstar last week, March 6 – 10, and all three schools brought home honors.

In the overall combined team results, Quincy took sixth place out of more than 30 schools, with six skiers earning points for the Trojans.

Henry Dillingham and Alexis DeCoe each earned 207 points for Quincy, while teammates Koby Barker (198 points), Mariah Hopkins (180 points), Garrett Hagwood (164 points) and Alienor Delany (145 points) also contributed to Quincy’s sixth-place finish.

In individual overall results, Portola’s Tyler Atkins captured sixth place out of the 86 racers who qualified for the state championships in the men’s division.

Chester’s Bailey Smith also won a top-10 plaque in individual overall results, taking eighth place out of the 73 women racing at states.

Chester won first place in the men’s slalom competition, as Cody Wilson claimed the fastest time on both runs to win by a margin of almost two seconds in the combined time.

In the men’s giant slalom (GS) race, Atkins was the fastest local skier, taking sixth overall for Portola with a combined time of 108.13. Hagwood was Quincy’s fastest in GS with a time of 111.50 for the 14th position, and Moises McCulloch was the fastest for Chester with a time of 112.79 for 18th place. Dillingham (113.91 seconds) and Barker (114.39 seconds) took 20th and 23rd, respectively, for Quincy.

Other racers who earned points in men’s GS were Portola’s Tyler Stockdale (124.75 seconds), Chester’s Michael Pixler (125.86 seconds) and Chester’s Austin Tatum (142.11 seconds).

In the women’s giant slalom, Smith delivered the best time among Plumas County racers with a 114.95 for sixth place. Quincy’s DeCoe (119.64) and Hopkins (122.79) also turned in solid times at 20th and 25th place, respectively.

Portola’s Caitlyn Shirley (128.39 seconds) secured 39th place, and Delany (142.56) finished 51st for Quincy.

In men’s slalom, Wilson’s combined time of 78.48 earned first place for Chester. He was followed by Atkins (88.25 for 11th), Dillingham (89.45 for 15th), McCulloch (91.42 for 20th), Barker (92.04 for 21st), Stockdale (130.08 for 60th), Hagwood (133.66 for 64th) and Tatum (142.64 for 67th).

Chester also had the fastest local women’s slalom time, when Smith came in at 97.20 seconds for 11th place. She was followed by DeCoe (99.92 for 15th, Shirley (107.25 for 24th), Hopkins (112.52 for 37th) and Delany (124.00 for 46th).

In the combined team results, Chester finished 14th overall with five racers, and Portola took 17th with three skiers.

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