Remember When for the week of 4/13/2011

75 YEARS AGO... 1936
The Plumas County Division of Highways maintenance station was waiting today for authorization to start clearing Bucks Ranch Road.
A distributing depot for three popular brands of beer was established in Quincy to provide distributorship throughout Plumas County by Bowman's of Chico. It will distribute Golden State, Pilsnergold and Burgemeister beer throughout Plumas County.
50 YEARS AGO... 1961
The low bid of $92,697 was awarded to TM Construction of Susanville this week by the Plumas County Board of Supervisors to construct a new highway maintenance station near Chester. The construction will include an equipment garage and a water tank building, both metal structures. The new buildings will be located about two and half miles southwest of Chester on State Route 36.
25 YEARS AGO ... 1986
A 32 page magazine documenting the devastating floods in Plumas County in February is now on sale. A Feather Publishing Company publication, The Storm of '86 is now available for $4.75 and is produced from the actual stories and photographs taken from the files of Feather Publishing Company and its newspapers.
10 YEARS AGO... 2001
The Keddie murders.....20 years later and the investigation continues. Three Keddie residents: mother Glenna Sharp, son John Sharp and friend Dana Wingate were killed on April 11, 1981 and Tina Sharp was kidnapped.
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