Reflections on 9/11 wanted

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The approaching 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, is a time to reflect, personally and collectively, on how our world has changed. There is no doubt that it has changed. Some of those changes have been mundane — think airport protocols — but some have raised larger questions: How far should we abridge our rights in the name of security?

That fateful day shook all Americans to their very core and just as older citizens can remember where they were when President John F. Kennedy was shot and how they felt when they heard the news, we can remember where we were and how we felt when the attack on America began. We can remember when the first plane hit the first Twin Tower in New York City, then the second. We remember how we felt when the Pentagon was hit and when the plane crashed in the Pennsylvania field.

What we want to know is what our readers remember.

Where were you when you first heard the news?

What were your reactions or feelings?

How have they changed in the ensuing decade?

During the week of Sept. 4, we will be publishing your thoughts on the tragedy that changed America.

Please submit no more than 150 words to Managing Editor Delaine Fragnoli at by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31.

We’d like to call your attention to another community opportunity to reflect on 9/11. Feather River College, in collaboration with Plumas Arts and Plumas Community Radio, has announced a juried exhibition of art and words in remembrance. After 10 years, the events of that day continue to shape our world, our lives and our memories. “9/11 — Ten Years Later” will be a community commemoration of those events and their effects as shared through visual arts, prose and poetry. Accepted written works will be published in Feather Publishing newspapers and artwork will be displayed at Feather River College and other locations in Plumas County.

Eligibility: Open to residents of Plumas County.

Media: Visual arts such as paintings, photographs and illustrations; prose; and poetry. No visual works over 60 inches long or high; no written works over 1,500 words.

Entry: Submit written pieces in electronic form as Word documents. Digital photographs of visual arts pieces must be submitted in JPEG format with a minimum of 1,200 pixels on the longest side.

Selected artwork must be display-ready, suitably framed and wired for hanging. Any work differing markedly from the digital image will be disqualified. Artwork chosen for inclusion must be dropped off at Feather River College during the week of Sept. 11. After showing, arrangements will be made for artists to pick up their work in October.

Work must be emailed to by Aug. 31.

For more information, email Tom Heaney at


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