Fishing Report

Michael Condon
Staff Writer


"If all politicians fished instead of spoke publicly, we would be at peace with the world."  Will Rogers


The fall weather brings cooler water temperatures that shake the fish out of their summer doldrums. Winter is not too far off, so the fish instinctively eat more to build up their fat stores to sustain them through the cold weather to come.

The fall colors will most certainly add to a great day in the outdoors. So pack a picnic, grab your camera and fishing gear, and head out for a gorgeous fall day.


Lake Almanor

Fishing is picking up at Lake Almanor, especially in the east basin.

Local guide Doug Neal of Almanor Fishing Adventures (258-6732) reports that browns, rainbows, and salmon are all feeding on the pond smelt.

The pond smelt are on the move and the trout and salmon are following them.  A spot that fishes well one day may be slow then next due to the fish moving so much.

Doug recommends the following areas as the most consistent producers lately.  But if you are not seeing fish, move on.


Prattville... Bait fish near the jetties, or the towers. Try white tube jigs, and trolled night crawlers rigged 30 ft. deep.

Rec.# 2... Fish 100 yds. outside the log boom with  white tube jigs.

A-Frame... Fish anchovies for Salmon in 50 ft. of water. Add some Pro-cure Herring gel.

Big Springs... Try suspended bait 4 feet off the bottom for salmon and browns.

Hamilton Branch... Troll this area with 1/6 oz. Speedy Shiners, in White w/red Pokka dots, Silver w/hammer finish, or #2 needlefish in the "Real Image pattern.  Remember the fish are after smelt, anything that looks like a smelt can get hit these days.


Lake Davis

Lake Davis has been fishing very well lately. The lake has turned over and water temperatures are around 55 degrees.  The lake is still 78% full.

Shore anglers are scoring with worms or Powerbait. Fire Tiger Needlefish and Dick Nite Copper Red heads are producing for trolling anglers.

Fly fishers are doing well with blood midge, snail, and scud patterns.  Wooly buggers. Jay Fair Wiggle Tail Nymphs and sheeps creek flies are also catching fish.


Frenchman Lake

The weather has been great for fishing at Frenchman’s. Anglers had good luck in the streams, using various flies including mayfly imitations in size 14 to 18, black copper johns, and olive crystal buggers.

Shore fishing has been good at Big Cove, Frenchman’s boat landing, and also at the north end of the lake.

The lake is starting to turn, so the fish are coming closer to the surface.

Most bank anglers are using night crawlers. Some anglers are tipping their night crawlers with marshmallows to float them off the bottom.  Others are inflating them.

Trolling has been good near the dam and to the east of the dam and north of Lunker’s Point.

The fall colors are great up through the Canyon and along the streams. Take a drive up to Frenchman’s Lake and enjoy the views.

For current conditions, call Wiggins Trading Post at  530-993-4683.

Stream Fishing

This is a great time of year to hit the streams.  The October Caddis, a favorite trout food, are hatching. There are also good hatches of blue wing olive mayflies, midges, and stoneflies. And the fall colors are at their peak.

Tom Maumoynier of Lake Almanor Fly Fishing Company on Main Street in Chester (258-3944) reports the North Fork of the Feather River is running clear with moderate flows. Fishing is good above Chester. Try nymphs during the day and dry flies in the evening. October caddis are hatching in the evenings.

Warner Creek and

Deer Creek, Hamilton Branch and Mill Creek are all fishing well.  Try standard nymph patterns during the day. There is some dry fly action in the evenings.

Fall colors are amazing right now and the fishing between now and the winter storms is as good as it gets.  It is time to get out on the water.


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