Remember When for the week of 11/9/2011

Keri Taborwski
Feather Publishing Historian


75 YEARS AGO...........1936

Plumas County joined the President Roosevelt national landslide when voters of Plumas County unanimously voted for Roosevelt as well in last week’s election. 2,430 Plumas County voters elected Roosevelt and 639 voted for Landon.


50 YEARS AGO...........1961

PG&E has extended its contract for snag clearing work at Lake Almanor. This year’s work has concluded as inclement weather has halted the work but will resume in the spring. The work is scheduled for a 1,800-acre section around Prattville and has been contracted with a firm in Oakland.


25 YEARS AGO............1986

The California Highway Patrol opened their newly renovated office in Quincy.

The Plumas County Arts Commission has appointed Roxanne Burney as executive director.


10 YEARS AGO............2001

The Plumas County Sheriff’s office has received $23,875 from the United States Justice Department for reimbursement for the costs of incarcerating criminals here in Plumas County who have committed serious crimes.

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors have officially named Robert Conen as Plumas County’s new Chief Administrative Officer at a salary of $96,000 per year, replacing former CAO Jim Stretch. Conen had been interim CAO since Stretch’s resignation last spring.


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