Portola hosts Tiger Classic

Portola’s Casey Pearson leaps for a rebound, as Quincy’s Sarah McKenzie also pursues the ball. The Portola girls won first place at the Tiger Classic last weekend.
Shannon Morrow
Sports Editor

The 2011 Tiger Classic basketball tournament was held at Portola High School Thursday through Saturday, Dec. 8 – 10, and featured the teams of Portola, Quincy, Loyalton and Modoc.

Quincy won the varsity boys’ division, Portola won the varsity girls’ competition and Modoc took both the boys’ and girls’ junior varsity brackets.

In the varsity boys’ division, Quincy went 3-0 by defeating Loyalton 66-39, Modoc 46-43 and Portola 47-43.

The Portola varsity boys finished 0-3 after also losing to Modoc 66-43 and Loyalton 45-43.

Modoc’s boys’ varsity claimed second place at 2-1 and Loyalton took third at 1-2.

In the varsity girls’ division, the Portola Tigers went undefeated with a 44-43 win over Modoc, a 41-31 victory against Loyalton and a 43-8 drubbing of Quincy.

The Quincy varsity girls lost to Loyalton 54-47 and to Modoc 47-16.

Modoc took second place in the girls’ varsity division and Loyalton finished third.

The junior varsity brackets saw the Quincy boys go 2-1 and the Portola boys go 1-2, while the Portola girls went 1-2 and the Quincy boys finished 0-3.

In the free-throw competition, Quincy’s Keshawn Johnson won the boys’ varsity division, Loyalton’s Meghan Gressel won girls’ varsity, Quincy’s Brandon Abramson won boys’ JV and Portola’s Jenna Riggs won girls’ JV.

In the three-point contest, Quincy’s Jake Hatzell won boys’ varsity, Quincy’s Sarah McKenzie won girls’ varsity, Modoc’s Fernando Alcala won boys’ JV and Loyalton’s Taylor Gonzales won girls’ JV.

The Most Valuable Player awards went to Johnson in boys’ varsity, Portola’s Lindsey Compton in girls’ varsity, Modoc’s Ben Jones in boys’ JV and Modoc’s Jordan Marquardt in girls’ JV.

The all-tournament players in the boys’ varsity division were Quincy’s Justin Lusk, Quincy’s Hatzell, Portola’s Ricky Lowdermilk, Modoc’s Cam Anderson, Modoc’s Brett Boudreaux and Loyalton’s Kendall Gunier.

The girls’ varsity all-tournament players were Portola’s Marissa Wehrman, Portola’s Kaitlyn Boyd, Quincy’s Elaina Amodei, Modoc’s Monica Eppler, Modoc’s Jodi Boudreaux and Loyalton’s Gressel.

In the boys’ JV division, the all-tourney players were Quincy’s Adrian Carey, Quincy’s Ty Morrison, Portola’s Gavin Broad, Modoc’s Alan Weber, Modoc’s Alcala and Loyalton’s David Guidotti.

The all-tourney players for girls’ JV were Portola’s Taylor Prosser, Quincy’s Jasmin Sherman, Modoc’s Morgan Bagwell, Modoc’s Kenna Funk, Loyalton’s Gonzales and Loyalton’s Katie Money.

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