Feather River Bulletin legal notices for the week of 1/25/2012

Advertisement For Bids
The Quincy Community Services District invites separate sealed bids for the construction of the WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT GENERATOR REPLACEMENT PROJECT.
The work consists of replacing a 200 kW diesel generator and includes the following:
¥ Removal of existing 200 kW diesel generator, automatic transfer switch, and appurtenances.
¥ Installation of new 200 kW diesel generator, automatic transfer switch, and appurtenances complete.
The construction cost range is $110,000 to $120,000. Bids will be received at the Quincy Community Services District Office, 900 Spanish Creek Road, Quincy, CA 95971, until 10:00 a.m., local time February, 3, 2012, and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud.
The Contract Documents may be examined at the following location:
PACE Engineering, 1730 South Street, Redding, CA 96001
Copies of the Contract Documents, excluding General Provisions and Standard Technical Specifications, may be obtained at PACE Engineering upon payment of $40.00 for each set (non-refundable).
Bidders can arrange to inspect the project site by contacting the District office at (530) 283-0836.
Copies of referenced Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, 2009 Edition, commonly called the "Green Book," containing the General Provisions and Standard Technical Specifications, may be obtained from Building News, Inc., 1612 South Clementine Street, Anaheim, CA 92802, (714) 517-0970.
The general prevailing rate of per diem wages, holidays, and overtime work for each craft, classification, or type of workman needed to execute the Contract are established by the State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, and are on file at the Quincy Community Services District office at 900 Spanish Creek Road, Quincy, CA 95971. It shall be mandatory for the Contractor to whom the Contract is awarded and any Subcontractor to pay not less than the said specified prevailing rates of wages to all workmen employed by him in the execution of the Contract. Contractors shall pay rates not less often than once per week.
Copies of the Prevailing Wage Schedules may be obtained from the division of Labor Statistics and Research, P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94101, or
The Contractor may elect to receive 100 percent of payments due under the Contract Documents from time to time, without retention of any portion of the payment by the Owner, by depositing securities of equivalent value with the Owner in accordance with the provisions of Section 22300 of the Public Contract Code. Such securities, if deposited by the Contractor, shall be valued by the Owner, whose decision on valuation of the securities shall be final. Securities eligible for investment under this provision shall be limited to those listed in Section 16430 of the Government Code, bank or savings and loan certificates of deposit, interest-bearing demand deposit accounts, standby letters of credit, or any other security mutually agreed to by the Contractor and the Owner.
Each bid shall be made in accordance with the Specifications and Proposal requirements thereof, and no bid will be received unless it is made on Proposal forms included in the Contract Documents. Each bid must be accompanied by cash, certified check, or cashier's check or Bidder's Bond made payable to the Quincy Community Services District for an amount equal to at least ten percent (10%) of the total amount of the bid as a guarantee that the Contractor will execute the Contract in conformance with his Proposal and the Specifications. Such guarantee shall be forfeited should the bidder to whom the Contract is awarded fail to enter into the Contract.
A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held starting at 11:00 a.m., at the Quincy Community Services District Office, 900 Spanish Creek Road, Quincy, CA 95971, on January 26, 2012. Representatives of the Owner will be present to discuss the project.
No bid will be accepted from a Contractor who does not hold a Class C-10 license in accordance with the provisions of Section 3300 of the California Public Contract Code.
The Quincy Community Services District reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all bids and to make that award which is in the best interest of the Owner.
Published FRB
Jan. 18, 25, 2012

Proposed sale of business
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that JACK DUNN and ERIN DUNN, whose business address is 231 Main Street, Quincy, CA 95971, intend to make a bulk sale to RICHARD D. GREENLY & EILEEN D. GREENLY, P.O. Box 3096, Quincy, CA 95971, of the following property now located at 231 Main Street, Quincy CA 95971 all the stock in trade, merchandise, fixtures, equipment, goodwill, and trade of the business known as DUNN'S COFFEE and FINE TEAS'.
To the knowledge of the undersigned buyer, within the past three years, JACK DUNN and ERIN DUNN have not used any other business names or addresses.
The intended transfer will take place on or after February 1, 2012 at 231 Main Street, Quincy, California. Claims for debts of the sellers may be filed with DAVID L. ADRIAN, Attorney at Law, P.O. Box 809, Quincy, CA 95971. Pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 24074, claims may be filed at any time before February 1, 2012
Dated: January 18, 2012
Signed: Richard D. Greenly
Eileen D. Greenly
Published FRB
Jan. 25, 2012

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