News Stories and Editorial Articles related to the PUSD school closure issue

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School closure committee finalizes recomendations4/11/2012
Community pleads to keep school open4/4/2012
School District reqests officers presence at public meeting3/29/2012
School 7-11 committees get more time3/15/2012
School recall effort underway; Board member quits post (Updated)3/14/2012
School recall effort underway:  Board member quits post3/9/2012
School district shouldn’t take drastic measures, risk losing teachers3/7/2012
Portola 7-11 wraps up with recommendations 3/7/2012
Where's the proof? Committee still waits on financial information3/7/2012
Don't waste our time; Committee wants nod on charter model2/29/2012
Are there alternatives to school closures?2/29/2012
Board OKs teacher layoffs2/29/2012
Are 7-11 committees tilting at windmills?2/22/2012
Protest at high noon2/22/2012
School closure committee holds public forum2/22/2012
Are school closures the answer?2/22/2012
League of Women Voters to discuss future of schools2/22/2012
PUSD board changes time and location of special of meeting2/16/2012
Teachers speak truth to power2/15/2012
Board postpones decision - Teachers vote no confidence2/15/2012
Good faith and a few good punches: Indian Valley fights back2/15/2012
School board tables faculty layoffs2/9/2012
School board meets Wednesday evening in Quincy 2/8/2012
School closures: Charter looks more promising2/8/2012
7-11 Committee takes comments from public, teachers at latest meeting 2/8/2012
Superintendent can't serve two masters2/8/2012
My Turn: Folks are (pre) occupied with school closures 2/8/2012
Chester 7-11 meeting off, now on again2/6/2012
Advisory committee meets; discusses school closures2/1/2012
School closure meetings continue; No no we won't go2/1/2012
Gee, what a surprise2/1/2012


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