Winter sports awards held at Chester High School

Jason Theobald
Staff Writer


Before commencing the winter sports awards, Chester Junior-Senior High School athletic director Terry Hernandez thanked the CHS Booster Club for its time, effort and support in making the winter sports season a success. He next thanked the parents for supporting their students, for driving to events and for volunteering when needed. He then thanked the teachers for working with the students who missed class time due to sports, and finally he thanked the students for their hard work and effort.

Before acknowledging the awards earned by his players, varsity girls basketball coach Aaron Hardesty thanked the Boosters yet again. During the recent junior high basketball tournament held at CHS, the varsity girls team partnered with the Boosters to run the concession stand, and because of the Boosters’ generosity, the team earned more than $1,400. With the funds raised over the season, the team was able to make a substantial donation to the Chester High School mascot fund.

Wrestling coach Tom Maumoynier summed up the winter sports season, where many of the teams met or exceeded expectations, with a simple statement: “Sometimes you have a year like we had when everything comes together.”

On the wrestling team seven students qualified for the Northern Section California Interscholastic Federation masters tournament: Westley Ruffer, Dylan Ruffer, Rocklin Loranger, John Leal, Clayton Buchanan, Tyler Roberts and T.J. Eidhammer. In addition, four students qualified for the California Interscholastic Federation state tournament: Westley Ruffer, who placed seventh, Clayton Buchanan, Rocklin Loranger and John Leal. Last, wrestler Westley Ruffer qualified for the national tournament.

For the ski/snowboard team, three students received high state rankings. Moises McCulloch placed sixth in California for skiing. Bailey Smith was ranked eighth for skiing, and Dakota Strand finished just out of the top 10, ranking 11th.

In addition to the honors earned by the two teams above, there are 12 students that received all-league (AL) recognition for winter sports, and four students that received all-league honorable mention (ALHM).

Students achieving academic success while participating in a winter sport were recognized. Students earning a grade-point average of 3.0 – 3.49 were recognized as honor roll (HR), and those with a GPA of 3.5 or higher were recognized as scholar athletes (SA).



Desiree Mockles: HR

Megan Garrett: HR


J.V. girls basketball

Jessica Brown: SA

Kelly Hovland: HR

Sara Gannon: HR

Sami Marrs: HR

Victoria Reyes: HR

Allison House: SA

Lanee Hansen: SA

Lily Kenyon: SA

Ashley Clarke: HR


Varsity girls basketball

McKenna Taylor: SA, AL

Rebecca Branch: SA

Nicole Crabtree: HR

Kelsey Wilkinson: SA

Brittany Mattingly: SA, ALHM

Alissa Murphy: HR, ALHM

Natalie Ridgway: HR

Faith Syfreet: SA


J.V. boys basketball

Quinton Wilkinson: SA

Austin Olah: SA

McColm Bengaard: HR

Edwin Perez: HR

Jeremiah White: SA

Albert Templeton: SA

Chad Ragan: HR


Varsity boys basketball

Hunger Morris: HR

Harry LeSeur: SA, AL

Jacob Angelis: SA

Micah Bondon: AL

Topher Taylor: AL

Addison Cory: SA

Dylan Schriver: HR, ALHM

Wyatt Durkin: HR, ALHM



Moises McCulloch: SA, AL

Bailey Smith: HR, AL

Dakota Strand: AL

Zachary Dalby: HR

Jessie Gorbet: AL

Damian Browning: HR


Tyler Tatum: HR

Clayton Buchanan: HR, AL

Tyler Roberts: SA

John Leal: HR, AL

Dylan Ruffer: HR

Rocklin Loranger: HR, AL

Westley Ruffer: AL

Trever Feger: HR


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