Plumas-Sierra County Fair Starts Today

John Steffanic
Fair Manager

Magic of Country Living…..

Usually, magic involves pulling things out of something; a rabbit out of a hat or a pigeon out of a box.

When it comes to Plumas and Sierra Counties, the magic draws things in; visitors to our natural beauty or friends and relatives to visit family. Our theme this year was chosen to draw attention to all the magical things that make our community such an appealing magnet!

A county fair is all about spotlighting what a community has grown, made or raised. Yes, there is always the carnival and entertainment, and those can seem awfully magical. But the true heart of the fair is all the exhibits entered by your neighbors. I invite you to thoughtfully consider each of our exhibit areas this year. Walk slowly through the floriculture building and look at what people have grown here, some of it is absolutely amazing. There is no need to feel foolish ooooing and awwwwing over a cob of corn, the truth is it’s not easy growing corn in our counties. Let’s celebrate that.

We have made a special effort this year to get more people to enter the fair. Of course it helps the fair to have many exhibits, but the person it most benefits is the person entering. You may not ever have the time or energy to write that novel, or take the effort to speak a foreign language, but every year you have the opportunity to enter your famous Kahlua cake in the fair, and maybe win a ribbon! People speak of their experience in entering the fair for years, why not be part of that? If you still don’t think you want to enter something, please encourage your children to do so…. a drawing, their sugar cube California Mission, or their Angry Bird collection. It’s a memory they will remember their entire life.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who supports the fair. Last year, almost $1000 was donated to the fair by people that donated back their premium winnings or added a donation to their entry fee. We use that money to do things like hire our barn supervisors and buy ribbons. Anything is appreciated.

I’m lucky enough to work with a very dedicated group of employees and volunteers. I’m proud of the product they put out year after year. We can’t do it without your participation and support, so I guess I’m proud of you as well. When everyone comes together to put on an event like the Plumas Sierra County Fair, it’s downright magical!

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